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The Style Trust is the musings of Bev and Nic, two fabulous best friends in their (VERY early) forties, sharing style tales about fashion, beauty, lifestyle, interiors, food, drink and everything in between.

We know through experience (not all of it good!) that your style changes as you get older and because we’re the perfect partnership of a corporate working girl and a full time Mummy of two, we understand all the fashion, beauty and lifestyle pickles you’re facing.

Sometime style can change by our own design; “I work hard so damn it, I’m going to buy that Zimmermann dress and miracle anti-aging treatment!”.

Other times by circumstance; “Those two nine pound babies mean that crop tops will remain forever in my twenties and OMG, has all of that sleep deprivation made my face start to slip?!”.


But no matter how different our lives sometimes are and how many fashion faux pas and fabulosities we navigate together, one thing remains simple, when we get it right, we trust it.

We trust in style.

The Style Trust.