Post COVID-19 Pilates

Jun 9 2020 by Beverly


We’re gonna werk it!

Raise your hand if you kinda, sorta tried to work out at home during lock down but kept getting distracted by a) wine, b) Netflix, c) everything else that wasn’t exercise and d) wine?


But now, thank you Universe, Pure Moves studio is open again with all classes operating from this week.

So we can actually head back into the studio and try and coax our peaches into getting perky again. Yep, this is going to take some hard work my friends… and it’s gonna burn!


Bev contemplating how much this is gonna hurt. Answer = tonnes.

Here’s some things we missed about not being in the pilates studio…

1. We both have creaky necks/backs and pilates helps keep us aligned when we’re running about like loons (often in heels). It’s amazing how much better we feel after locking in at least two pilates sessions a week.

2. We are ladies in our ahem mid-40s and we can most definitely thank pilates for the part it plays in giving us perky peaches. Right now they have slid down our thighs. Please… send help.

3. That hour when you’re at the pilates studio and you can’t actually touch your phone is bliss. It means you can focus on your body and your breathing and let your thoughts run wild… while listening carefully to your teacher. Obvs.

4. LEAVING THE HOUSE! Sorry for shouting… but you feel us riiiiggght?!

5. Wearing our active wear to actually exercise instead of you know, drinking gin on the sofa.

6. Seeing the Pure Moves fam bam and getting our fitness journeys back on track.

Even though we told some friends the other day that “if you haven’t put on a few kilos during lock down then you’re not doing right!” – we both love to stay active and motivated.


Two Pigs Photograph by Vaclav Mach

Actual footage of Bev & Nic in lockdown…

Maintaining tidy rigs as we age is important to both of us, but more than that it’s that body, mind, soul connection we crave and exercise, plus time to yourself and away from your family is also vital for your mental well being.

Come join us at the studio. Click here to find out more or download the app here.

And just so you know how Pure Moves is keeping you safe from COVID-19 while you work out, please click here.

Bev & Nic xxx


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