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Jun 20 2019 by Beverly

Workout @ home guys!! Eco Luxe Tights: Ela & Jackson avail @ Pure Moves.

Goodness gracious it’s hard to workout in winter isn’t it??

It’s cold, it’s dark and when someone suggests watching a movie and having a glass of red instead, your Pilates class suddenly starts to look a whole lot less appealing!

With that in mind the sassy team at Pure Moves have devised a devious solution; helping you keep your peach tidy over the winter months without actually leaving the house…


Yep, enter The Phit Method; workout streaming wherever and whenever you fancy exercising.

It’s pretty simple laydees… you basically sign up online, then access classes via your laptop/tablet, phone or smart TV, so you can do an online workout at home or anywhere that suits you!



Kini season is coming! #justsayin Eco Luxe Crop by Ela & Jackson @ Pure Moves

The clever clogs at Pure Moves have now got a tonne of classes online too; everything from online pilates classes and online barre classes to a 17 minute hotel room work-out (genius) or a more intense online Pure Phit class that lasts for approx 50 minutes.

All you need is The Phit Method pack (with leg elastic, exercise ball and sliders etc) and the magic of the good old Interwebby and you can exercise to your heart’s content.

You’ll need this!

Then choose your workout and off you go!


Look, I’m not going to pretend that it replaces the awesomeness of having an instructor work you through a class for an hour, but when it’s freeze balls outside or if you’re recovering from a cold, running late or just don’t want to face the world that day, this option is da bomb.

And you know what’s super fun? You have your fave Pure Moves instructors right there in your lounge room. And not in a creepy way! 😉

Want to sign up? Then click here and get that peach moving.

Summer’s just around the corner babes… #bikiniseason

Bev xxx

Pics thanks to the talented Cara @ Vitality & Balance


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