TST Beauty Review: Aussie Bombshell Gradual Tan

Mar 7 2019 by Beverly

Bev rocking her Gradual Tan glow…

Hands up who loves a good fake tan? That’s right… everybody! Especially one that doesn’t smell like old biscuits and you can do yourself at home…enter Aussie Bombshell Gradual Tan.

With life being crazy busy these days I sadly don’t have the time to luxuriate on the beach for hours and often have to be event ready without much notice, so Aussie Bombshell is my best friend (apart from Nic…obvs).

But I can’t always get to Claremont to have a spray with the delightful Penni, so she suggested I try her new self-tanning cream; Gradual Tan.

And I’ve gotta say…I’m hooked.

Here’s what I love about Gradual Tan…

  1. It’s SO simple to use – you literally have a shower, make sure you exfoliate yourself good, then put it on like moisturiser afterwards.
  2. You can sleep in it and it won’t make your sheets smell.
  3. You literally only need one coat and it magically develops overnight into your perfect sun kissed glow.
  4. If you want to, you can top up the next night and the next and you won’t end up looking like Malibu Barbie.
  5. It’s a local product invented by total babe Penni Towner who knows her tan shiz back to front!
  6. Its enriched with Macadamia and Almond oils so it actually nourishes your skin.
  7. Its paraben, fragrance and colour free, so no fake tan sheets the next morning. Yay.
  8. I LOVE the colour and how easy it is to put on. It’s literally made for people like me; yep…so damn easy, you literally can’t f*ck it up!

Things I learnt the hard way about self tanning…

Umm…rookie self tanner alert!

Sooo…I’ve never been a self tanner, I’m either brown naturally or I go and get a spray, so this is a whole new world to me.

I discovered pretty quickly that too much exfoliating on your feet, elbows and knees is never enough… do it for a few days before you do the tan and you should be right.

I also discovered you should wear disposable gloves when applying Gradual Tan… unless what you’re going for is Oompa Loompa hands. *inserts face palm emoji*

But other than those rookie errors I totes love the natural result of Gradual Tan and I also love that I’m supporting a local boss lady by buying it!

If you haven’t tried it yet… why tho?! buy some here right now!!

Bev xxx


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