Spring Cleaning: Declutter Your Toy Room

Sep 7 2018 by Nicole

I love a good spring clean… there’s something oooozingly cathartic about throwing out a whole bunch of shit. Want to up your declutter game? I have two big ideas for you… make it the kids toy room and get in a professional!!

I work with the decluttering gurus, Sara and Heather from Finer Details, to declutter the kids-shit-pit and they’ve given us some sure-fire tips so you can do yours too!


TIP 1. Adios the Nuggets

Make sure the kids ARE NOT HOME…. I know this seems to be an obvious one, but it’s a mistake I made last time. It’s very hard to ditch that amaaaazing cow made out of polystyrene and egg cartons that they made in year one with their hawk-like gaze watching your every move.

Equally… make sure your are completely done before they come home. Or they’ll go through the bins. I’m telling you – learn from my mistakes.

Want a total ninja move? Make sure you do it the day before bin day.

Evidence = GONE.


TIP 2. Stick to One Room

Pick one room at a time. I know it’s tempting to hit the toy room, their bedroom and maybe a cupboard or two at the start of the day when you’re all enthusiastic… but you don’t want to make the job too big. Or you’ll throw in the towel and create a bigger mess than what you started with.


TIP 3. Create Zones

Find the zones you want to use in that particular room. Its like you’re chopping up the room into smaller functional areas that will be easier to handle (sort and tidy). These are the zones I created for our toy room:

  • Lego zone
  • Book zone
  • Cars zone
  • Dress-up zone
  • Shoot-em-up zone
  • Random crap zone

Everyone needs a random crap zone… am I right? (We all have the second or third drawer in the kitchen…)


TIP 4. Sort Like with Like

Now its time to muck in and put everything into piles… the lego with the lego, all the barbies and accessories, the gin and the vodka… Make sure that the containers that you have for those piles are never more than 80% full… because otherwise you’ll have to go buy more containers – and that’s not really the point is it? What we did is decluttered first and then made a decision about how much I wanted to keep and then bought the container (or found one I already had) to suit.


TIP 5. Declutter, Ditch, Donate or Destroy

This tip is an adjunct to the above tip… whilst you are decluttering, make sure a few of those piles are for Ditch, Donate or Destroy.


Broken, old, useless or manky toys, dress ups or old apple cores (don’t laugh, I found four).


Toys or games that are now too young for your kids, but are still in good knick are always welcome at many of the shelters or Good Sammy’s as donations. They also really appreciate bikes and scooters in good knick too.


That home-made polystyrene cow has to move on… and no evidence must be found of his timely departure.


Don’t have the time (or inclination) to do a declutter? If you’re like me and didn’t even know where to start, getting Sara and Heather from Finer Details to help me do the job was the only way for me to actually do something about it.

Want to get their help too, you’ll find them here: https://www.finerdetails.com.au/

They took three hours to help me sort through the entire room and we were able to use most of the storage solutions I already had. That afternoon I went on one of my twice yearly pilgrimages to IKEA where I grabbed a bench seat storage thingo (for the shoot em ups) and drawers (for the dress-ups) – put it together the next morning and viola! Organised toy room.

The boys were so stoked at their new space, they didn’t even notice the ‘missing’ things… Yeah!


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