10 Reasons We Love Pilates

Aug 20 2018 by Beverly

Good gawd it’s hard to exercise in Winter… you know the drill, getting outta bed is a S-truggle, it’s freeze balls, it’s probs raining and after work well, you’d rather sit on the sofa and watch The Bachie/eat an apple pie.

We hear you…but just to inspire you to get off the sofa and because Spring is coming, here’s 10 reasons why we love pilates…

Annnnnd stretttccch! Image: Shot By Thom

  1. If you have a sore back or neck it’s da bomb: Bev has a scoliosis and Nic has a clicky/dicky neck, so stretching it out is amaze and defs helps our osteopath bills.
  2. Because we like donuts…and we’re probs gonna eat them.
  3. We love the instructors at Pure Moves… they’re like family. All different in their own way, Laura is full of love and light, Melissa has bangin’ playlists and Kelley takes no prisoners when you need a full-on work-out.
  4. So Bev can wear crop tops like this one…that’s right, crop tops in her 40s!! Not every day…obvs.

Bev & good friend of TST Maddy.

5. If you’re cranky or you’re premenstrual, a good stretch is exactly what the Dr ordered

6. They have free coffee…

7. It’s kinda like meditation. It’s an hour that’s just about you…where no-one can call you, talk to you or ask you for anything…ah, the serenity.

8. Because it’s nearly Summer again and us ladies in our 40s need to keep our rigs tidy to be kini’ ready!

Contemplating getting ‘rig ready’ for Summer…

9. It’s inside, so other than the race into the studio in the rain, we ain’t getting wet

10. It really does tone your tooshie.

Bev xxx

You can start your own pilates journey at Pure Moves today by signing up for their Total Pilates Pack, $149 to experience one private and four classes in one month to see if its for you. Try it today!


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