9 Reasons You Should Consider a Girls Trip

Apr 15 2018 by Nicole

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I’m not saying it’s easy to organise a Girls Trip. Coordinating the date, destination and budget of a gaggle of girls is like herding cats. But damn, a trip away with the loideez can be amazing for your mental and physical wellbeing in so many ways.  I’ve managed to compile my TOP NINE REASONS why you should consider booking a girls trip tomorrow:


First and foremost, you can be just YOU.

Not Mum, not wife, not employee or #girlboss.

Just NICOLE (or Jasmine or Kate or Suz… you get the idea).

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When the mums are away… it’s rock and roll… and we play.


When the Mummies are away, it gives the Daddies a chance to take the family reins. Sure, the kids might be eating burnt toast with baked beans for a week*, but they will be fine and it’s a great time for the kids to really connect with Dad.

It also means your kids see ‘Mumma’ is a person…an individual… someone that is not their personal butler and always at their beck and call.

*Russ is actually a jet cook and family coordinator – he was team leader and counsellor to the Daddies who don’t have his parental confidence or cooking skills.


A girls trip is about having ZERO responsibilities for a moment, with plenty of silliness and laughter… which is always assisted by plenty of cocktails.

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Everyday we had high tea by the pool at The Legian… maybe a cocktail too…

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A girls trip provides a chance to really connect, chat and debrief with the people who are going through similar life challenges, without the distractions of home.



I think I look better with a suntan, fake or real, and who doesn’t love a sunny and warm destination. Maybe it’s because warm weather goes really well with a cold cocktail… coincidence?? I think not.

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When you FINALLY can read one of the 583 books you bought.


It’s a great chance to learn from one another and share your small and large nuggets of wisdom  –  whether it be how to cook a mean chicken broth or more importantly, how to psychologically manage our complicated family relationships, that nasty mum on the school verandah, your moody tweenies or the new puppy chewing your fancy shoes.



Sometimes you just need more sleep. And sleep by the pool with a half read book and a cocktail on its way just seems so much sweeter. Have I mentioned cocktails?



A well deserved break from the constraints of career. Many of the women  in my life wear many, many hats  –  with career and family often the heaviest. I know it’s impossible to completely leave those hats at the door, but if you can at least leave 70% behind – that’s a big win.

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You are truly free.

Want to go out dancing to Guns and Roses til 2am? Go for it.

Want to go to bed at 7pm and read your dirty book? No problems.

Want to dance in the hotel pond or go on a shopping spree in the rain? This is YOUR holiday. And that’s the best thing about going with the gals. You’ll always find someone who wants to dance in the pond with you.

*But you can read that dirty book on your own though you filthy animal.


Now get out there, cobble together a group of like-minded ladies and take that mental health vaycay that we know we ALL need… and maybe even make it an annual thing.



We like the the centrality, customer service and style of The Legian in Seminyak when we go to Bali for our girls trip. And if you have been keeping up with us on our Instagram stories, there are plenty of places we recommend you try – as we have made eating out, beauty treatments and shopping all olympic level sports. If you missed the stories (WHAAAAT?! They are always soooo funny) – my top recommendations if you stay in our around Seminyak are in the aptly named story, coming up soon: Nics Top Spots for Shopping, Eating and Treatments in Seminyak.


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