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Apr 8 2018 by Beverly

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Recently Nic and I had a convo about her  bathroom scales…I said they swore at me with a number I didn’t like and she said the same thing had happened her. We both agreed they were probs broken/on the fritz and poured ourselves another glass of wine…ahem.

But m’ladies, we be in our early forties now and this is THE time when we have to step away from the sugar and the wine and move our bodies much more often to keep our rigs tidy…enter Pure Phit!

What is Pure Phit you ask? Well it’s the newest class at Pure Moves  …PHIT stands for Pilates High Intensity Training.

Not gonna lie, I was frightened. I knew it was a mix of Barre (intense…die dead exercise and sadly nothing to do with drinking) and Pilates (which I totes love and do twice a week).

The Style Trust_PurePhit

This was not the kind of bar Bev & Nic had in mind…

But after one Pure Phit session, I’m kinda hooked; it’s a really clever combination of both classes mixed in with lots of cardio and some bangin’ tunes to keep you motivated.

Just like Pilates it’s all about lengthening and toning your muscles, but because of the added cardio, you also get the burn and if you commit to it I reckon you’d 100 per cent get the sculpted legs, butt, arms we’re all aiming for #jenniferanistongoals

The Style Trust_Why you should try Pure Phit

Everyone wants a rig like Jenny!

It’s high intensity, but for me it was probs more enjoyable than straight Xtend Barre, because it doesn’t move quite as fast and just like Pilates, there’s always two option for the moves, so you can make them harder or easier depending on how you’re feeling on any given day.

Pure Moves Studio Manager Kacey Best said: “It’s still Barre, but it’s an upgrade of Barre and it’s exclusive to us here at Pure Moves. We’ve worked hard to devise a class that basically is like ‘Barre 2.0’ with new props, new layout and new music, if you want to lose weight and tone up, come and try a class!”

This week all Pure Phit classes are free at Pure Moves (if you can get in one…it’s totes popular), or you can also try 10 days at Pure Moves unlimited for $45 or 30 days unlimited for $199.

We recommend you give it a crack with your bestie toot sweet.

To book call Pure Moves on (08) 6161 7591 or find their timetable here.

Bev xxx


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