Our Gourmet Escape 2017 top picks

Nov 13 2017 by Beverly



Ah Gourmet Escape 2017… anyone else completely flummoxed that it’s November right now? Uh-huh, us too…but that does mean that this week is one of our favourite weeks of the year.

To make navigating foodie heaven easy for you, we thought we’d share with you our Gourmet Escape 2017 top picks!

To be honest though what’s not to love really about fabulous food in a fabulous setting? We’re both #douth girls so we love the chance to take a road trip, drink some fantastic wine, and schmooze with some of the world’s top chefs.

This year Curtis Stone is the headline chef and we can’t wait to meet him.

We’re also super excited about heading to the Audi Gourmet Beach BBQ again this year. Aint’ nothing better that squelching your toes in the sand as you sip on a delicious local wine and enjoy some amaze seafood overlooking Castle Rock Beach as the sun goes down.

Last year we got to visit Fraser Gallop for the first time. The property is simply stunning. If you can, get to The Great Soiree at Fraser Gallop on Friday. You will literally feel like you’re swanning about on a movie set and owners Nigel and Dorothy Gallop are such welcoming hosts. It starts at 5pm on Friday and there are still tickets left. Yay.

The Style Trust Gourmet Escape 2017 top picks Fraser Gallop

Bev + Nic swanning about @ Fraser Gallop.

We’re also big fans of the Gourmet Village at Leeuwin Estate, especially on the Sunday when everyone is starting to wind down from working and wind up to party! We love to hang at the Aperol Garden, where we can while away the afternoon with a couple of Aperol Spritz and pretend we’re Italiano…Ciao. Bellas. Andiamo.

Nic aperol

Fancy Italiano Nicxy @ Gourmet Village.

Gourmet Escape is this weekend, from November 16-19.

It really is foodie festival heaven, don’t miss it!

Bev & Nic xxx


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