The Perfect Perth Ladies Lunch at Mayfair Lane

Oct 27 2017 by Beverly

Getting your #GirlGang together soon? We know the place for the perfect Perth ladies lunch…

If, like us, you love a long lunch when the sun is shining, then you’ll appreciate that finding the right venue is a big part of having an awesome day out with the girls.

The Style Trust_Perfect Ladies Lunch

Get the ladies together at Mayfair Lane… Bev with the gorgeous Rayne & Karolina.

It has to be a lil’ bit fancy, not too far from where everyone lives and close enough to find more fun venues if you decide to #getlit laterz.

Recently I spent time at Mayfair Lane for its Saturday Ruinart and Fruits de Mer lunch…basically all the fancy pants Champagne and AMAZING seafood you can eat…and it really is the perfect Perth ladies lunch – so umm, guess what? I’ll be going back for shiz!

Actually I have to go back…because Nic didn’t get to come (serves herself right for being in Bali) and as its my birthday soon, it seems only fair to have a do-over ammmiiiright?!

The Style Trust_perfect perth ladies lunch_oysters

Anyway, back to the lunch…imagine if you will, sitting outside in West Perth on a gorgeous verandah space as the breeze blows softly through the trees and you stopping and actually enjoying the moment with the chicks. Sounds pretty good right? Yep, it really is.

The staff at Mayfair Lane are fantastic, the atmosphere is fun and the food and champagne offering really is outstanding.

Ruinart is delicious and free flowing (Nic and I have NEVER met a French bubbles we didn’t get along with to be fair) and the seafood is a gorgeous mix of king prawns, crayfish, fresh oysters and clams and it just keeps coming at you!

Now, let me highlight one important thing to you ladies…AS MUCH FREE FLOWING RUINART AS YOU CAN HANDLE…you feel me? AS MUCH AS YOU CAN HANDLE…

The Style Trust_Perfect Ladies Lunch_Champagne

Mmmm Ruinart! 

And all for $149 clams.


Get around it and book your table  for the perfect Perth ladies lunch now, it runs from 1-3pm every Saturday…trust me you won’t be sorry.

Bev xxx

All these amazing images by the fabulously talented Shot by Thom


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