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Aug 11 2017 by Nicole

There are not many people in this world who can put lipstick on a pig and make it look pretty… but that’s exactly what my very talented bestie did with her divorce.

She turned a spectacularly shitty time into a helpful tongue-in-cheek guide for anyone else that happened to find themselves in the same position… welcome to the land of divorce, or as Bev calls it:  Welcome to D-Town.

The Style Trust_Welcome to D Town_Book

I may not have been through a divorce legally. But man, I have been through one.

The hardest part about watching the person you love have her heart broken is the reality that there is not much you can do about it* except ply her with alcohol and hug her until she feels a little better… bit by bit.

*There were the multiple occasions I fully planned out the death and dismemberment of certain people in GREAT detail… that helped too.

If I could have given this guide to Bevi, I would have felt like I offered her something she needed – hope and promise that this time would end and things would get better. What’s more, the best part of this book is that she cleverly outlined eight stages she went through during her divorce and the tips and tricks she used to help her get through each stage.

If you’re anything like me, you need to know how many stages you need to get through to survive…

How many kilometres do I have to go?

How many hours do I have left of work?

How many sleeps until my next girls trip? (* Also an incredibly important survival tool)

And most importantly, how much more of this shitty sad time have I got to go?

Measuring how far you’ve come and how far you have to go can be therapeutic in itself.


The Style Trust_Welcome to D Town_Bev

This hot piece of tail is on the market boys… whooooooo!!!


What I didn’t anticipate is that my clever-cookie-bestie would figure this out all for herself and make sure that SHE was that person to offer people some hope. And as with everything she does, she did it with grace and humour.

I’m not going to lie. I sound like a spectacular best friend in this book.

Blunt? Sure…

A helpful drinking partner? Hell yeah!

Funny and much better looking? Well… of course!!


The Style Trust_Welcome to D Town_Nic and Bev

Everyone needs a Nicsy… #justsayin        Photo: Ryan Ammon


So in the flavour of the magical Molly Meldrum, if you or anyone you love has gone through a divorce, do yourself a favour and grab ‘Welcome to D-Town‘ – it’ll be the best gift you can give.

Except for wine…

And a freaking awesome best friend.

BUY IT HERE: Welcome to D-Town

The Style Trust_Welcome to D Town_Book 2


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