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Jul 26 2017 by Nicole

Five Minute Holiday Face Featured

Going on holiday? You lucky do-er.

Going somewhere tropical? Please take me with you!!

But whatever you do, make sure you pop my four essential products in your case and prep one beauty treatment that will ensure you have a fabulous ‘natural’ face done in under five minutes… or as I like to call it, your five minute holiday face.


Why a Five Minute Holiday Face?

My favourite holidays are those where I am somewhere warm and tropical and I can drink cocktails by the pool at lunchtime. I love getting in and out of the pool all day and then breezing down to a local cafe or restaurant for a late dinner.

What’s not on my agenda is spending a hour in a steamy bathroom doing hair and make up that will probably slip off my face anyway.

Please note that my five minute prep does include putting my hair in a giving-zero-fucks messy bun. The essential hairstyle for any humid tropical locale (I don’t think we need a story on how to do that).


My Five Minute Holiday Face Video

I shared this little ditty on our Facebook page on my last family holiday to Bali (Follow us here: FACEBOOK). The one step I missed in this video is my BB Base. I’ll often skip this step if my skin is behaving and especially if I’m toward the end of a holiday and a few facials in… thus sporting a lovely radiant glow (as I happened to be in the below video).

If your face is being uncooperative and sporting any kind of pimple action, eczema or pigmentation – then I’ve popped my fave holiday BB cream (with FAB coverage underneath the video).


My Five Minute Holiday Face Products/Treatments


Clinique High Impact Waterproof Mascara

This stuff is amazing – it gives your eyelashes so much extra length you’ll look like a dolly-bird. Plus it’s waterproof so will last through muchos pool or beach swims and you won’t look like a crazy drowned racoon. There’s something about your lashes having a little bit of va-va-voom that makes your eyes pop!

The Style Trust_ Five Minute Holiday Face_Clinique High Impact Waterproof Mascara

Benefit Benetint Cheek and Lip Stain

I lurrrrrve this stuff. It makes you look oh-so-rosy like your cheeks have just-been-pinched… no-one likes the look of caked on blush poolside and this has the benefit (boom) of being teenie tiny and will fit in your carry-on liquid allowance and double acts as a lip stain too. You can almost put this on without a mirror too and still get it right… although I did once after a few mojitos and ended up looking like I’d just run 500 million kilometres…

EXPERT TIP: A little bit goes a loooong way!

The Style Trust_ Five Minute Holiday Face_Benefit Benetint Cheek and Lip Stain


Burts Bees Gloss Lip Crayon

Don’t you HATE it when a brand stops making one of your FAVOURITE products? Ugh… As much as I loved the lip gloss, this crayon is pretty damn good too and comes in the same colour. It’s not as glossy, but the colour stays on longer and its still super moisturising, so it’s still a big win and a new travel fave.

My colour: Bordeaux Vines

The Style Trust_Five Minute Holiday Face_Burts Bees Lip Gloss Crayon


Jane Iredale Glow Time BB Cream

Like I mentioned above, I try not to wear foundation when I’m relaxing poolside. But should I need it, this stuff is amazing. It will go on looking a strange colour at first, but it almost blends to your tone when you have it on. Plus it covers just about anything, stays on for ages, feels great and has an all important SPF25+ to boot.

My tint: BB5

The Style Trust_ Five Minute Holiday Face_Jane Iredale Glow Time BB Cream

Feather Touch Eyebrow Tattoo

This is a sure fire way to cut short any make up routine. I had my feather touch eyebrow tattoo done 15 months ago and it’s still going strong (read about it here: What is a Feather Touch Eyebrow Tattoo?). It shaves a good five minutes off any daily routine and has you looking partly done ALL THE TIME.

OBVIOUSLY don’t get them done anywhere overseas… but maybe consider getting them done so you are ‘holiday ready’ for your next jaunt? I got mine done at Queta Brows in Cottesloe… she is the MASTER.

The Style Trust_Feather Touch Eyebrows_Before and after

Put this all together is you’ll be ready in five minutes flat… now please go and enjoy your holiday and have a cocktail (or two) for me!!



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