How to use the June 24 Super New Moon

Jun 23 2017 by Beverly

It’s fair to say I’m TST’s resident hippy. I blame my #douth upbringing, and also the fact that since I was a little girl my Dad has been teaching me about all the phases of the moon. Especially the Super New Moon.

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I LOVE it, and because I regularly get friends texting me, asking questions like: “babe, I feel crazy right now, is there a full moon coming up?” or “urgh, I just broke up with {insert name here} is Mercury in Retrograde?” I thought I’d give you a few tips and tricks to use the June 24  Super New Moon to your advantage.

When you think about it, it makes complete sense that our emotions are so affected by the moon.  The water in our body roughly amounts to 70 per cent of our physical existence and is affected by the phases of the moon in the same way as its gravitational force controls the tides. The fluidity in our body shifts and changes the balance in our mind, activating our emotions.

So if you feel a lil’ crazy right now, it’s totes not your fault. And PS: the word ‘lunatic’ is derived from the Latin word ‘luna’ …#justsayin

Full Moon Feels

So…here’s what I know. There was a big old full moon in Sagittarius on June 7-9. It was pretty powerful and it was one of those moons that shone the spotlight on things that weren’t working in your life. It was probably by all accounts a pretty tumultuous time (it sure as hell was for me!), and you might have had to let go of things that you really didn’t want to let go of. Just know that the reason is they’re not right for you. Or they’re not right for you right now. All will become clear…

Full moons effect you the most when they’re in your house (your star sign), so because I’m half Scorpio, half Saggy I copped a dose of both those moons (May and June). Emotions were running high around this moon so if you’ve been feeling all at sea lately, then just know that it won’t last ok?

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Oh heey hiii crescent moon…

Super New Moon…what now?

New moons are my absolute fave. I love seeing the crescent moon in the sky, it’s so full of hope and one of my favourite life motifs. I dig the shape.

This one’s a Super New Moon because of it’s close proximity to the earth, meaning it’s really bright in the sky, potent for making wishes upon and we’ll all feel its effects just a little bit more than usual.

This new moon is in Cancer. If you’ve been pushing yourself and you’re in need of a little TLC it will resonate with you. If you’re a Cancer you’ll be searching for renewal of some kind and you’ll find it a little hard to keep grounded during this time. Spend some time in nature if you can and try and give yourself some space to let things resonate, life has most likely been moving at a frantic pace of late.

This Super New Moon is a reminder to stop, take stock, breathe and work out what you want for the rest of 2017.

In numerology 2017 is a 1 year…a year of new beginnings and we’re half way through. So if you’re not quite where you wanted to be by half time, there’s still time to get there before the final siren. But you MUST make your intentions to the Universe clear. Like crystal clear, write that shit down and be super specific!

A good way to do that is to write a Super New Moon wish list and put it out under the moon on Saturday night before you go to bed. Set down your intentions and your inner most desires. Don’t worry if it feels silly, just go for it; even the experience of writing stuff down sometimes galvanises things into action.

Anything harsh you had to face under the last full moon, will all start making sense under this new moon.

This is a time to rest, recalibrate and reassess, so that you can finish 2017 on a wonderfully powerful and positive note.

My tip is trust your instincts and let them guide you…then release your fears and show them the door. You aint’ got no time for them anymore, you’ve got shit to do before the end of 2017!!

This is the time for magical new beginnings…but also just be aware that your intuition will be heightened this weekend so pay attention to what it’s trying to tell you.

Beverly. xxx

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