Things Our Mamas Told Us…

May 8 2017 by Bev & Nic

TheStyleTrust Bevi and Mama 2

Bev and her beautiful Mama.

Mother’s day is here, so we thought that was the perfect excuse to do a quick survey of our lady mates and ask them “What’s the best advice your Mum ever gave you?” We think you’ll agree there’s some absolute pearls of wisdom here…

If you’re still lucky enough to have yours like we are, then make sure you cherish them this Sunday and make them feel super special. And Daddies…no excuses please, help the kids make Mummy a card and breakfast in bed, it really is that simple to make her smile.

Our Mamas…what would we do without them?!

TheStyleTrust Bev and Mama vintage

Vintage Bev and her Mama

Bev’s Mum’s Best Advice

My Mama is a total sweetheart, she always puts her family first, has lots of wonderful friends and she’s got a heart of gold, so it’s no real surprise that her sage advice is about how you should treat other people…

“Always be kind…it won’t cost you anything, but it could make someone else’s day.” – I’ve always tried to live by this rule, whether it’s a smile and a please and thank you or helping someone struggling with their shopping bags or to pick something up, a little bit of kindness goes a long way.


Nic’s Mum’s Best Advice

My Mum has always been a kind soul with plenty of advice and guidance – but there have been two little nuggets of wisdom that have stuck with me.

Of course when I was a wild and unruly teenager I thought they were both total crap. But nowadays, age does come with some wisdom and I realise she was right after all…

First wisdom nugget:

“You can always count your true friends on one hand.” – Dad said this one too – naturally I thought this was absolute crap because I was TOTES POPULAR* and had dozens of friends. Now I realise that it’s actually true. We all have a lot of casual friends and acquaintances. But this five will help you bury the body and keep it secret forever.

*I was into delusional mind-talk back then too…

The Style Trust_Things Mama Told Us_Nic Mum Suzie

Nic and sister Suzie with our Mum, photo by Henderson Photographics.

Second wisdom nugget:

“What other people say and think about you is none of your business.” – again I thought this was malarkey. I can make everyone love me right? Just be a good person and hurt no-one? Nup. Even being the best person you can be irks some people and they’ll dislike you anyway. I think this was my Mum’s non-potty-mouth version of GIVING ZERO FUCKS. Of course, don’t be an asshole* – but try not to care what others think about you because you can’t control it anyway.

*Sometimes I am an asshole – but most people are at some point – we can’t help it – it’s a human condition.

The Style Trust_Things Mama Told Us_Nic and family

Vintage Nic with Mum and Dad – and my baby bro Mike.

And here’s some Mother’s Day pearls from some of our favourite girls…

“Us girls have gotta stick together” – these are definitely words to live and love by! Seasons and boys come and go, but the sisterhood lives on forever.  Ness, Melbourne.

“Always set your expectations according to the person, not according to what you want them to be” –  Mum explained to me that when I felt let down by someone it was because my expectations were set on who I wanted them to be, not on who they actually were. She’s been gone for more than 10 years now, but I’ll always remember that.  Sammy, London.

“Don’t be a drongo” – I think it’s fair to say that not all of us are successful with this bit of advice. It’s a pearler though. Suzanne, Perth.

“Silence is golden” – Mum always used to say that if you’re not sure of something someone is saying, you don’t always have to react. All will be revealed to you in good time. Just trust your instincts. Terri, Perth.

“Always say what you think. If people don’t like you for it, they’re not your tribe…” – Its always served me well. Lozzy, Perth.

“If you find something you like, buy it in multiples!” – Mum’s always been a smart shopper and this advice has served me well over the years, there’s nothing worse than something that you love dying and not being able to replace it!  Amy, Perth.

Happy Mother’s Day to our special Mamas, and all the hot Mamas we know and love!


The-Style-Trust_Things-Mama-Told-Us_Nic-and nuggets.jpeg

Nic as the Mama Bear!

Lastly Nic’s Seriously High Brow Advice

My pearls of wisdom are more about “Don’t piss on the toilet seat”  and “Lollies are not a breakfast food” these days…

I’m sure they’ll get more high-brow as the years pass…

TheStyleTrust Bevi and Mama 1

Bev just dragging her Mum down the sand dunes…as you do. 

 TheStyletrust Mama

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