Teeth Whitening: How to Take 5 Years Off Your Face

Mar 5 2017 by Nicole

The Style Trust_Teeth Whitening_Phillips Zoom_Featured

Before and After… Man, I didn’t think my love for coffee and red wine made such an impact.

Teeth whitening was always one of those things I thought would be great for special events, like getting married or when you finally get that gig as a News Reader… for the love of God where are my SUNNIES??

But before I start. I have an admission. I’ve been a fraud.

For the past eight months I have been whitening my teeth.


*Facetune is a much maligned editing app that can smooth out wrinkles and whiten teeth in photos. I have seen many, many abuses of this app… noses disappearing… people looking freakishly alien-esk… I just used it to whiten my teeth. But I admit,  that’s still stupid…

I have literally been editing my choppers before pictures go up on social media because I was uncomfortable with the fact they had started taking on the same tones as my FACE. Not when I’m on my own. But when compared to my glossy white teethy mates…

I’m not proud of it. But hey… I’m not eating kittens, so in terms of crimes… its only small.

I’d had enough. Time to bring in the big guns and get some pro help.

So I was off to the tooth-pro-folks at Accent Dental Care for some Philips Zoom Whitening.


Before the Appointment

I drifted into Accent Dental in the City casually at 7.30am on a Monday for what would be approximately a 2.5hr appointment for white choppers… READ: Rushed manically into the City totally misreading peak hour traffic after launching my spawn at primary school on the way past…

After a very quick info session and teeth clean I was having moulds taken of my teeth to create at home trays and then the fun bit begins.


The Teeth Whitening Bit

The lovely Kristin from Accent Dental popped my ENORMOUSLY FUNNY mouth protector on, protective goo on my gums, whitening gel on my teeth and then the fluro Philips Zoom bit begins.

The Style Trust_Teeth Whitening_Nic Cheese

Say cheeeeeeeese!!!

Besides having oodles of fun with Instagram stories and Snapchat with said mouth protector on (I may have sung a few songs and cracked myself up endlessly)…. you can have between one and four, 15 minute sessions under the Philips Zoom whitening light. Each time, the whitening goo is removed and new stuff is put on.

The Style Trust_Teeth Whitening_Phillips Zoom Nic

How many you have is dependent on how sensitive your teeth become during the sessions, and how white you want your choppers to be. I wanted newsreader white, and I didn’t have ANY sensitivity in the chair, so I went the full four. Plus, I had the movie This is 40 movie playing on the ceiling and I didn’t want to go until it finished… I love it.

The Style Trust_Teeth Whitening_Phillips Zoom 2

After the Appointment

I practically skipped out of the appointment. So pleased with myself and completely blown away with the results. I didn’t event take the complimentary Nurofen or Panadol to combat tooth sensitivity because I was good as gold…

The Style Trust_Teeth Whitening_Phillips Zoom_Before and After_Teeth

The Style Trust_Teeth Whitening_Phillips Zoom_Featured


One hour later…

Holy shit… This must be one of those ‘zingers’ that Kristin told me was common during the whitening process. It’s like a small electrical shock through your tooth. But I didn’t get these in chair… Whaaaat is haaaappening?

Holy, holy shit… there’s another one… and another.

*Takes two Nurofen*

OK. This is when I acknowledge that I can be a smart-arse-know-it-all, when someone offers you Nurofen at your appointment… you take the goddam tablet woman!

I now can’t open my mouth because when I do it feels like I’m eating 80 Frosty Fruits… I bring out the big guns and down several gulps of my kids Painstop and go to bed.

In the morning I was good as gold, no pain and sensitivity-free and with brilliant white choppers!

** It’s important to remember that I have been grinding my teeth quite aggressively for 20 or so years so my nerve endings are probably a little closer to the surface than most peoples.**

Would I do it Again?

HELL YES!!! I am sooooooo pleased with my white choppers I would do it again in a heartbeat, even though I probably won’t have to for 10 or so years… I’d maybe just be a more clever about how I go about it next time (see my tips below).

What I have noticed is that more than a few people have commented on my face lately. Most people can’t put their finger on it – they just say I’m looking good or ‘fresher’.

Have I had a facial? Is my hair a different colour? Gee you’re looking good at the moment…

I never thought that getting your teeth whitened could actually can make you look younger, but there you have it… the proof is in the whities.

The Style Trust_Teeth Whitening_Phillips Zoom_White teeth girls

I can now hold my own in the great white-tooth shoot out… no Facetune required!

My Top Teeth Whitening Tips…

This is what I recommend for anyone who would like to whiten their teeth – don’t wait – just DO IT!!

  • If you think you’ll suffer from any teeth sensitivity, have as many Nurofens and Panadols as you’re allowed before the appointment and after until bedtime.
  • Make an afternoon appointment so you can go home, hit yourself with Mercyndol and put yourself straight to bed.
  • Go to the folks at Accent Dental Care, they are clever crickets and did a fabulous job with my teeth!

If you’d like more info on the Philips Zoom teeth whitening, click HERE.

And for more info on Accent Dental Care, click HERE.

The Style Trust_Teeth Whitening_Phillips Zoom Accent dental

Got questions? Hit me up in the comments!!

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