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Feb 28 2017 by Beverly


First class = frightened!

I’m not going to lie to you, Xtend Barre is hard!

I remember doing it about four years ago when I was pretty unfit and I nearly died. Dead.

But I’m giving it another go at Pure Moves in Cottesloe and I have to say I kind of love it. I’m down with any fitness that works quickly and this does. I’m only three weeks in and already I feel more toned in places that were wobbly before.

All the chicks in my class have great rigs; high butts, toned arms, strong legs – they’re fit in a long and lean kind of way.

Then there’s our teacher Rhiannon, she’s an actual dancer/showgirl. I totes expected her to walk in wearing feathers and sequins…she didn’t but OMG, what an exceptional body.

All that aside (because lets face it it’s kinda creepy to perv on your workout buddies…) in my first Pure Moves class I wasn’t even close to dying dead. In fact, I kept up, I did all the moves and I made it to the end without wanting to cry or vomit. Winning.

Because I’ve been doing Reformer Pilates for the past six months (at least two classes a week) it turns out I’m much fitter than I thought. Such a good feeling, especially now I’m in my ahem early forties.

The Style Trust.PureMoves Xtend 1

Feel the burn…

The Style Trust Bev Class

Pure Moves owner Jo Millard said three is the magic number for exercise to make a difference to your body.

“Our Xtend Barre classes are really popular because it’s targeted  exercise that works quickly if you commit to it,” she said.

“You’ll definitely notice a difference even if you’re just doing one Xtend Barre mixed with a couple of other classes a week.”

Xtend Barre is based on lots of dance moves (your basic ballet positions + cardio) and Pilates inspired stretches so I didn’t feel terribly uncoordinated, which is great because with my long hypermobile limbs I’d envisaged a giraffe in dance class.

I’m enjoying it so much that I can now understand why Xtend Barre becomes highly addictive; the music is good and after a hard day at work you get to move,  stretch and get sweaty to some cool tunes.

TheStyleTrust. PureMovesXtend 2

Move it, move it!

And it seems like lots of #girlsquads get together to do the classes. It’s the kind of class you could definitely take your bestie to and have a giggle with her at the end of a long day.

The classes go for an hour and they’re pretty intense. You warm up before you do targeted muscle exercises with weights, elastics and straps that move all those pesky little muscles like your triceps, then you do a cool down with some mat work at the end.

The next day your legs will kill you! But other than ‘Xtend Barre jelly legs’, you should feel great.

One thing’s for sure, if the girls in my class are anything to go by then I’ll have a very tidy rig in no time at all.

To try it for yourself contact Pure Moves on info@puremoves.com.au or (08) 6161 7591.

Bev xx

All of these images taken by the talented @shotbythom

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