TST Review: Eyelash Extensions

Feb 14 2017 by Beverly

The Style Trust - lashes Bev

Here’s what I love about eyelash extensions in two words – the ‘Flutter Factor’

When you have long lustrous eyelashes, you instantly feel more glam. And, might I say…a lil’ bit more flirty too. Long eyelashes make it so much easier to wink at boys…just kidding, everyone knows I can’t wink!

And in the Summer months when you’re constantly swimming, they’re THE BOMB! I always want to look put together at the beach, but eye make-up is a massive dilemma. If I wear waterproof mascara I can’t get it off…like ever, it could literally survive a nuclear war and if I wear the normal stuff I end up looking like a demented racoon or an extra from The Walking Dead… no one wants to be that girl.

But with eyelash extensions you don’t need mascara so swim time is easy peasy. You’re in and out of the water and you still look fabulous!

Eyelash magician Elise at Queta Brows has been in the industry for the past six years and she’s a total pro at it.

The hardest thing for me about getting the extensions put on would be the two hours I had to sit still for. I HAVE ANTS IN MY PANTS. Seriously, I find it really hard to sit still for that long. But, the results are 100 PER CENT worth it!

When Nic saw me straight after she said…”They’re SO pretty, you look like a doll!” and people for weeks now have been making comments that my eyes look particularly pretty.  Stop it. No, don’t.

Elise uses Mink Silk Lashes from London and the process is pretty simple, with her incredibly steady hand, she glues them on to your normal lashes. When you first see them in the mirror you’ll probably think they’re way TOO much. At first sight I was worried mine were way too long. But by day three I loved them!

The Style Trust. Lashes. Application. Queta

A rare pic of Bev sitting still!

As far as the application goes when I first opened my eyes they watered a bit, but really, that was it. It doesn’t hurt a bit.

Elise told me to brush them once a day (in the morning is best) and to wear mascara over them if I wanted to give my eyes some extra va va voom (men will be powerless…obviously).

The only other thing to think about is getting them filled, which you have to do monthly. I noticed the lashes on my left eye fell off faster than my right. But I’m a big eye rubber and I’m assuming that’s also the side I lie on when I’m sleeping.


Too glam to give a damn. 😉

If you can handle the maintenance involved then they look AMAZE BALLS and are super duper perfect for special occasions like birthdays or weddings when you want to look extra glam, but still totally natural.

TST Special Offer

You can book in for your own eyelash extensions with Elise at Queta Brows by contacting (08) 6111 3738 or hello@quetabrows.com.au – your first set will cost you $150, but mention The Style Trust and you’ll get $25 off your first application.

See, don’t say we never do anything for you…

Bev xx


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