TST Review: Collagen Induction Therapy or ‘Skin Needling’

Jan 11 2017 by Bev & Nic


Here’s the big difference between Bev and Nic. Nic researches what ‘Collagen Induction Therapy’ actually means before turning up to our appointment at Pier Street Cosmetics, it’s skin needling. She even knows that the trauma from the needle puncturing the skin encourages your collagen to plump up making you look significantly younger. And she knows the term ‘skin laxity’. Smarty Pants.

Bev on the other hand…turns up. Finds out there’s needles involved, thinks she’s been tricked and is instantly terrified… Stupid Head.

But it turns out we’re in super safe hands at Pier Street, our amazing therapist Leigh-Ann, talks us through the whole process before we start and it doesn’t hurt (much…), plus the results are totally WORTH it!

Well hellloo early 30s…how nice it is to see you again.


Week of the treatment

Nic made me go first…and I’m kinda glad, because if I’d been looking at the redness on her face I probably would have run away. Fast.

God’s honest truth I was expecting it to hurt more than it did. It hurt on my forehand (not much fat there…) and its the strangest sensation on your nose, a mixture of tickley and ouchy. I couldn’t decide whether to laugh or cry, so I sneezed instead.

The prep is longer than the actual treatment. First you have numbing cream put all over your face to lessen the ouchy of the needles. When I say needles it’s not like syringes going into your face, it’s more like a very small flashlight that has sharp bits attached to the end. These move in a circle in the Dermastamp machine and that’s what encourages the collagen production.


For me, my lips were the first to go numb. If you’ve met me, you’ll understand they’re substantial. While I was having my treatment Nic had a moment and blurted out; “OMG, babe, is it possible that cream has made your lips bigger? Holy hell..!!”

The actual treatment is over in about 15 minutes. And the bits where it hurt (for me forehead, nose and just under my nose) are the bits that will go red and potentially bruise. The redness is an inflammatory response from the skin.  There can be blood present during the treatment but it’s just your skin responding to the needles puncturing your skin. To be honest it was the bruising factor that was particularly alarming to me. It was Winter and I had a date two days later with a handsome Italian flying in from Rome.


Uh-oh date in a few days… #FrightNight

After Leigh-Ann finished the treatment she put on a redness reducing mask, which makes you look not unlike Jason from the Halloween films and then after about 20 minutes you’re free to go and scare the world.


You’re not allowed to wear any make-up for the rest of that day and I have to say my redness was a little alarming, but by the next day it had calmed down considerably and by date day I could cover most of it with concealer. Winning.

The day of the treatment my skin felt quite tight afterwards and moisturising it that night was like sweet, sweet heaven. Other than that there weren’t many side effects for me.

My skin felt super soft and clear day five post treatment and by day seven I felt like I had incredibly youthful plumped up skin…can’t wait to see the full effects in a month’s time.

This is a treatment you need a little bit of down time for ideally. You could absolutely go to work the next day if you had to, but if like me you bruise like a peach, its nice to have the weekend to recover. Maybe don’t plan a date on day three…

But that said, the date was great, thanks for asking.

After three treatments

I was getting lots of compliments on my skin, so that’s always a great sign for me that a treatment is doing just what it should!

My skin did feel a little bit dry, but I’m not sure if that was from the treatment or whether it was because it was Winter, and things such as heating, not drinking enough water and the usual skin drying factors.

I’m pretty happy with the results over all and you can see from this pic my skin was definitely clean, clear and plumpy.

I get comments that I look younger than my (ahem) 40 plus years all the time so I reckon a fair whack of that has to do with my genes (thanks Mum & Dad), but I would absolutely recommend this treatment to someone who has a special event coming up  if you want your skin to look radiant. It’s a treatment that definitely gets you results after three treatments and for those of us who are me poor, that’s a good thing!

Overall I’d highly recommend CIT with enough down time post treatment. Have it on a weekend so you can be sans make-up (I know the horror…) and give your skin a proper break from make-up and toxins if you can to get the best results.


Bev after three treatments: no foundation and filter free…


Week of treatment

As Bev mentioned, I love research – I just think it’s clever to know exactly what you’re in for. Plus it’s funny to tell Bev only bits and pieces and then film her when it’s actually happening.

Yes. I know I’m evil Kermit.

The Style Trust_Skin Needling_Collagen Induction Therapy_Kermit

I had a very similar experience to Bev – which is surprising to me, since I’m a tough cricket and she’s a wuss-bag.  The only bits that hurt a bit were my boney face bits – my forehead and eye socket bones, on my chin and the top of my nose. My upper lip and underneath my nose tickled in a weird way that made me want to scratch it, but all in all I think the numbing cream did it’s job well.

The Style Trust_Skin Needling_Collagen Induction Therapy_Nic Straight After

It looks worse than it feels!! Trust me!!

I had a red scratchy face the next day and it felt tight, then it peeled like a dusty powdery peel about day four. But quite frankly I’ve gone out with dried weetbix on my shirt and hair I haven’t brushed in days so it was hardly hideous…

The Style Trust_Skin Needling_Collagen Induction Therapy_Nic with Mask

Sooo prettyyy.

After three treatments

I absolutely noticed a difference in my skin texture, plumpness and ‘laxity’.

Skin laxity, or the lack of, is when your skin starts to kinda hang off your face like washing on a line… in particular those little jaw jowls that have started to hang low…thanks gravity…ps. WHAT THE HELL ARE THOSE?!?

Anyway, we recommend you guys try it for yourselves, because really that’s the only way you’re going to know how it works for you and your skin!


TST Special Offer

Book into Pier Street Cosmetics for Collegen Induction Therapy (CIT) and mention The Style Trust and you’ll receive $50 off your treatment. WOO HOO!! That makes its $250 per treatment or you can buy a package of three for the special price of $650. Contact Pier Street Cosmetics on (08) 6222 6622 or visit their website www.pscosmetics.com.au to make an appointment.

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