Margaret River Gourmet Escape 2016

Dec 3 2016 by Bev & Nic


Oh Gourmet Escape…you really are one of our fave events of the year, the eating, the drinking, the down south-ness of it all. And this year, we must say, you were truly splendid!

We’re very lucky to have eaten our way through Gourmet Escape three years out of five and as we love the eating and drinking and we’re both #douth girls, we’re as happy as clams all weekend long.

It also handily falls right near Bev’s birthday, so she thinks Audi have put on a party just for her every year. She basically gets spoilt rotten by telling anyone who will listen its her birthday (*insert eye roll emoji*) and sometimes we let her on Snapchat (@thestyletrust) if she’s behaved herself…which to be fair, isn’t very often.

Anywho…this year we got to experience a few events we’ve never been to before, so here’s what we saw and our highlights from Gourmet Escape 2016:

Opening Night Party @ Castle Rock

A highlight every single year for us, who doesn’t love a party where you can kick off your shoes and walk through the sand with a glass of wine in hand chatting with the likes of Nigella Lawson, Rick and Jack Stein, Magdalena Roze and Guillaume Brahimi?

We feel incredibly lucky to be invited to this glam beach side party. It’s a fabulous night and so was the food and wine. Extra fun this year because our good friend Rayne Embley was hosting!


Tootsies in the sand @ the opening party = happy Nic & Bev.


The delightful Nigella Lawson…

Long Table Lunch @ Fraser Gallop Estate

THE. BEST long table lunch EVER. The grounds of Fraser Gallop Estate are simply stunning and we felt honoured to be amongst the guests as Guillaume Brahimi cooked for us and we tasted a huge selection of Fraser Gallop’s wonderful wines.

We felt like we’d been transported to a vineyard in France as we swanned around the grounds, wine in hand. Nic also made a heap of new friends when a chopper landed and she yelled out, “Babe, our Uber’s here!” #thegirlsgotfunny.

In all seriousness if you can get your hands on a ticket to this lunch, you absolutely should, a decedent and amazing way to spend a Friday #douth.





No words for Guillaume’s raspberry and pistachio dessert.


So fancy pants! @ Fraser Gallop Estate #wewanttolivehere

Gourmet Village @ Leeuwin Estate

Another one of our faves, Nic’s husband has become quite a feature at the Aperol bar over the years. We think it’s because he’ll talk to anyone and lurks around tables until someone gives him a seat, then becomes their new bestie.

This year we had fun with the guys from Limeburners Gin, tucked into some delicious-ness from The Shore House and The Print Hall and just sat back and enjoyed the sunshine.  It’s a tough event not to love, even though Bev really needs to stop putting her hand up to be Designated Driver every year. Oh well,  someone has to do it right?!


Nic cleverly matched her outfit to her Aperol.

The Audi Gourmet Beach BBQ @ Castle Rock

We love the beachy-ness of this event. With our good pal Rayne hosting and the sun setting over the ocean it’s hard to think of a better location to enjoy the delights of the Margaret River region. We loved the LimeBurners Gin, the Stella Bella and Devil’s Lair wines and the delicious barbecued corn, fish and lamb on offer. Also, dancing in the sand to a Reggae band under the beautiful Zest Group WA’s tipis. SO MUCH YES!

If you want to get onboard for the Margaret River Gourmet Escape presented by Audi in 2017, the weekend has already been announced. We suggest you commit to accommodation and tickets as soon as possible.

You won’t be sorry, and you’ll probably find us down there somewhere. We heart Gourmet Escape more and more every year and we couldn’t be prouder to have grown up in the stunning South West!

Til’ next year…

Bev & Nic.



Castle Rock Beach at sunset.

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