Halloween: Let’s Be Scary not Sexy

Oct 25 2016 by Nicole



I love Halloween. It’s literally my favourite day of the year.

Ask anyone – I LOVE to get in costume and character  make up with the chance to be all gross and horrifying. Excellent.

One thing that has continued to baffle me is the desire to be a ‘sexy vampire’ or a ‘sexy skeleton’ on Halloween.


This is your chance to have flesh falling off your face… scare the hell out of your neighbours and be in mischievous cahoots with your kids.

Plus, you have more chance of getting away with everything if no-one can figure out who you are… except I have two ginger ninjas that give away my game every year… bloody party poopers.


One ginger ninja giving my identity away…

I always do my own Halloween make-up – it’s part of the fun. I Google the character I want to be and do my best at copying it. It’s not always fabulous, but I think if it’s a bit munted, it adds to the horrifying joy that is Halloween.


Poor ole Beetlejuice and her munted face…and munted friends (jokes!).

Then we acquire a pram (it’s for the esky – every good skeleton needs some French bubbles on the trick or treat route), a couple of big ole loot bags and we hit the road around sunset.


Probably the ‘prettiest’ I’ve been ever at Halloween… #DayOfTheDead

This year we have a troop of Mum’s going as a Chucky army (I’ve still never quite recovered from that movie)… so make sure you follow us on Instagram for the hilarity HORROR that is us doing our own make-up and stealing our kids lollies.


We were going as freaky clowns – but I wouldn’t be able to look myself in the mirror without wee coming out and we’ve heard people are getting arrested for that lately.

So do yourself a favour and throw sexy in the bin for one freaky day… do your own make up and we’ll see you and your munted old face on the road on Monday…

Share your pics with us on Facebook!! I’ll throw in a full-sized Snickers* for the best freak…

(*unless I eat it…Halloween is the lolly Hunger Games for mummy’s… or at least it is for me).


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