TPFF 2016

Sep 30 2016 by Bev & Nic

It’s hard to believe that the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival is over for another year… and in the whirlwind of the week that was we were lucky enough to experience some of the best shows.

So here’s TST’s TPFF 2016 highlights…



Caris Tiivel in Manning Cartell Image: Shot by Thom for The Social Pages.

Manning Cartell

I’ve been a long time fan of this brand and the Manning sisters. The vibrant colour ways on the runway this year are a taste of things to come in what’s going to be a beautifully bright Summer.  The Diaphanous Resort 17 collection also featured a whole load of slip dresses and I’ve made it very clear on the blog how I feel about them. One in every colour please, especially that crimson red…I DIE.



Smoke boxes, sequins and a bangin’ soundtrack Image: Shot by Thom for The Social Pages 

Empire Rose

Tipped as the show of the Festival, this one did not disappoint. Nic and I are huge fans of designer Kathryn Cizeika and this show had a super cool rock edge, mixed with a whole lot of sequins and those amaze Reny Kestel sparkling crystal face veils. We also loved that there was a #boysquad that hit the catwalk and the coloured smoke boxes added an extra element of fun. We also totally LOVED the soundtrack for this show. Old school cool. We NEED one of those bomber jackets in teal, blue and black please.



Stunning butterfly head crown by DK Millinery. Image: Shot by Thom for The Social Pages.


A dress made entirely of Natural Art Flowers!! Image: Shot by Thom for The Social Pages.

Closing Night: The Art of Fashion

Firstly, the Art Gallery of Western Australia as a fashion space, OMG, secondly a gold mirrored catwalk and thirdly, a live orchestra and opera singers….talk about tingles!! This for me was the perfect ending to the Festival. It had all the right elements of drama with models on every level winding their way down the spiral staircase, stunning gold and green floral installations by Natural Art Flowers and then there was the fashion. Wow. What a line-up and featuring some of our faves…. Aurelio Costarella, Empire Rose, Steph Audino, Wild Horses and some AH-mazing gold butterfly headpieces by Debbie Kelly, inspired by our fave Snapchat filter! The make-up, hair and production were all seriously on point, so big snaps to Grant Capriotti, Marcia Ball and the team that pulled it all together. Absolutely stunning.



Future Runway…this dress!! Image: Nic J.

Future Runway

Whenever I attend the Future Runway Show, I leave feeling that the future of fashion in Perth is in safe hands. This year was no different with a host of avant garde looks on the runway. There was ready to wear, evening wear (including this black dress that I WANT, NEED!!) and some truly outstanding eco and costume designs. The major reason I love Future Runway is because it gets you excited about fashion, students from all over WA have pushed the boundaries…and anyone who knows me, knows how I love doing that… If you get the chance to go to Future Runway next year, TAKE IT!



The twist dress from One Fell Swoop….LOVE. Image: Nic J.

One Fell Swoop

I want talented designers Dan Romanin and Nina Ergic from One Fell Swoop to make me one of their amaze balls twist dresses in every colour!! I love the simplicity of their designs and the way they hang perfectly on your body, they’re also totes flattering if you’ve not been hitting the gym as much as you should have been. When they say that these guys are the masters of drapery, they really aren’t joking. This was a super elegant runway and ultra feminine. I still want one in every colour…PLEASE.


Now please excuse us while we have a little rest. #FashionFatigue is a real thing!


Bev & Nic



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