Slip into Trans-Seasonal Dressing

Sep 9 2016 by Beverly

The slip dress was the epitome of 90s cool… and now it’s back with a new take on effortless, just got out of bed glam.

In the 90s everyone wore them, EVERYONE. Think Kate Moss in a see through Calvin Klein number, Cindy Crawford getting married in one and Winona Ryder, Madonna and Jennifer Aniston were also big fans.

The slip dress is actually the perfect transseasonal item. You can team it with a blazer and boots, denim jacket and heels or flats and you’re good to go for Spring, then when Summer floats in, shrug off the jacket and wear it on its own with some statement earrings. Maybe wear a bra…unlike Mossy circa early 90s, but hey, whatever works for you, she was 19 at the time!

TST_Kate Moss_Slip Dress

Kate Moss in that Calvin Klein slip!

TST_Cindy Crawford_Slip Dress

Cindy + Wedding + 90s = LOVE.

Cut to the present day and it seems Hollywood still loves a slip; Nicole Richie wore a fabulous Marc Jacobs gold slip dress in 2013 to the CFDA Fashion Awards Rhianna did a take on Michelle Pfeiffer’s famous Scarface slip dress to London Fashion Week in 2012. Both simple, both sexy, both #nailedit.

TST_Nicole Ritchie_Slip Dress

Golden Girl Nicole Richie.

TST_Rhianna_Slip Dress

Rhianna in Stella McCartney.

I love them because they’re SO easy. You literally slip into them (pardon the pun…) and go. No muss, no fuss. Pop on a pair of shoes, do your hair and you’re out the door.

That’s my kind of dressing!

Last Summer I feel in love with the Bruug Oltenia Dress from local designer Tash Butler, and hardly took it off. That’s the great thing about a slip, you can totes sleep in it if you want to! And maybe I did…once or twice.

The key to this look is to keep it super simple. It should look like a slip that you might wear to bed. Not everyone feels they can rock this look, it does err on the side of sexy, so if you’re into covering up it won’t work for you… but I’m a big fan of it.

Bev’s tips:

  • If you don’t want it to look too ‘bed wear’ then stay away from lace details. But as Nic will attest, I’ve been wearing slips and camisoles as tops and dresses FOREVER! #90sgalalltheway
  • The look is sexy and looks better if you keep your accessories and shoes simple. For day time, nude flats or something with a bit of embellishment, for night time nude or gold heels.
  • If you’re worried about looking like you’ve left the house in your nightie, go for slips in blacks, navy or dark greens, lighter colours such as pink, white and pale blues can look more ‘nightwear’.

Here’s how I wear mine:



The Bruug Oltenia Slip.


A lil’ ASOS number in Mauritius.

Now excuse me while I go and slip into something more comfortable…



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