TST Review: Tinder for the Naughty 40s

Jul 19 2016 by Beverly

So I was never, ever, not in a million years going to go on Tinder. Like…EVER! End of story. And then, well…I did.

Because you see Tinder isn’t that scary, Tinder is just like a blind date, but instead of a friend setting you up…it’s the Tinder.

And it’s A LOT of fun!

My good friend Ben was the first one to tell me I should give it a crack…then Nic, my cousin Ray and friend Ashlee gave me a gentle nudge shove to get back in the game.

Ray said, “what have you got to lose? There’s more single peeps on it than not.” Valid point. Ben said “all the hotties are online” – yep, as they say on my fave 80s film Topgun it’s a ‘target rich environment’. Ash also added that I would, “totally slay in my age range” – everyone should have a friend like her….bless.

Before I knew it Ashlee had my phone and we were having a ‘which pics you should use’ tutorial. Who knew there was so much to learn?! Turns out the rules are this; three photos; face shot; body shot (so they can see your whoooole rig…Tinder is a fickle thing) and one more shot that you really like of yourself. I had another wine for some Dutch courage and then…EEEEEK, profile active!

I was under strict instructions not to start the swiping until Nic was with me, wine-in-hand. She was clearly more excited than I was about this. In fact the thought did cross my mind that when I got up to go to the bathroom she might sneakily replace a pic of me with a pic of her…you know, just to test the waters. We’re very competitive.

When I properly activated my account things happened pretty instantly. After about half an hour I had about six guys messaging me. Yay me!

But because I’d had a few drinks, I then threw my phone into the corner of the room and freaked out. I didn’t even look at it…just incase the ‘Tinders’ could see me. Double EEK!

Then the dating began. Here’s what happened on my month long “Love me Tinder”.

Date one

I was SUPER nervous, my first proper date in about two years. It felt like I was back at high school. Turns out he was lovely, we had great grown up conversation, he was a gentleman and it went well. But I knew even before the end of the date that we were going to ‘friend zone’ each other. Still, it was me getting #backinthegame which is exactly what this little social experiment was about.

Also he wasn’t as tall as he said he was…tall is a bit of a deal breaker for me. Just a lil’ tip boys…don’t embellish how tall you are…it make us tall girls feel all Brienne of Tarth #GoT4Eva

Brienne of Tarth

On my first couple of dates I felt like this…

Date two

We talked ALL night! Such a great guy, we had loads in common and lots of laughs. It didn’t feel nearly as awkward and nervous as the first one. But I also didn’t get all the feels you should kind of get instantly when you really like someone. That said, he was a gentleman and we kept in touch for a little while. It never turned into another date, but that was totes fine because I thought we’d make better friends anyway.


good date

This is how a good date looks…

Date three

I blame my friend Terri for this date. Like all my married friends during what we’ll now refer to as the ‘Tinder Times’ she wanted to play the hot or not game. So, at lunch one Saturday we started swiping and she spied a tall,  handsome Italiano. She swiped, we matched and later when I read his profile I realised he was in Perth for 8 HOURS ONLY on a stopover from Rome to Queensland. Anyway, he was a hottie and I’m pretty sure there are worse ways to spend a Saturday than at Perth’s best beachside bars with a handsome Italiano who keeps calling you bella. Yeah, yeah I know the Italians have charm by the bucket load, it’s part of their genetic code…but look, he seemed genuine and was totes easy on the eye, so as far as a date goes… tick, tick, TICK!


Bad date

This is how a bad date feels…

So…what now?

Tinder was LOADS of fun and lots of laughs. Not just for me, but also for my friends who got right into the swiping.

Tinder, in my age bracket anyway, is not just about shagging. I think most of the guys I met were genuinely looking for relationships – and the ones that weren’t, well, you can kind of tell straight away from the language and pics they use. I found Tinder the easiest, most fun and the least creepy of all the dating websites. There’s no awkward and contrived profiles, in fact you don’t actually have to write anything. It’s your first name, your age and some pics you like. Easy.

Also, don’t be scared of it ladies, what a lot of people don’t realise is that you both have to ‘heart’ each other to initiate a conversation, it’s a very clever app – so you’re not going to get anyone creepy messaging you, unless you want them to.

I believe if you’re looking for love like I am, then it opens you up to it. They say that when you’re vibrating at the right frequency, good things pop into your Universe and that was certainly my experience. At the end of my month long Tinder-thon, I was lucky enough to meet someone the old fashioned way. Yep, just minding my own business at a bar on a Friday night and met an amazing guy. Unfortunately it was short lived, but I do believe Tinder opened me up to that experience.

So if Tinder gets you ready for love, by making you feel good about yourself and getting you back in the game, then I think everyone who’s single in their 40s should give it a crack… because really, what have you got to lose?

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