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Jun 27 2016 by Nicole

Most of you know that I have some sort of skin freak out regularly… I have SUPER sensitive skin and although I know I’m allergic to dairy and it gives me eczema, I just can’t say no to Brie or a Cherry Ripe?? That’s right… I’m stoopid.

Lately, I also have the added extra fun issue of photo-sensitivity on my face and neck… which means my eczema and dryness has grabbed the party crackers and gone all Fourth-of-July on any part of my skin that sees daylight… thank GOD it’s Winter!!

The Style Trust_ENJO Australia_Nic and Bev Bath

You can see the slightly red and dry photo-sensitivity on my neck and chest… #awesome

Then one of TST’s wonderful girlfriends suggested both Bev and I try the ENJO range.

Say what now?? ENJO makes chemical free house cleaning products….right? Right?!

Well, they also make cleaning products FOR YOUR FACE!

Enjo Skincare Bundle

As you all know we love our products here at TST, but we also know the importance of taking them off after a hard day in the office or running around after the kids. So these little Make-up Removers from ENJO are brilliant.

ENJO Skincare_The Style Trust_Bev and Nic

You literally wet them and gently wash your face – and they take off your makeup…and we mean ALL your make-up… chemical free! They’re especially good for people who have super sensitive skin or allergies (like Nic) and for those who prefer to be gentle around the eye area (like Bev).

You can use a cleanser with them if you want to; Bev does because she swears that her mascara could survive a nuclear war, but I love to use mine au natural.

We’ve both found they’re brilliant when you’re home late at night and you really can’t be bothered with a complicated make-up removal routine.

We’re also in completely in love with the body glove and face glove. One side is all soft and gentle to remove dirt and oils and the other side gives a deeper ‘scrub’ – so you’ll left be squeaky clean and non-irritated.

ENJO Skincare_The Style Trust_Bev Bath

Squeaky clean Bev!

Gotta say. I’m a convert – my skin is as happy as a clam and that ridiculous photo-sensitivity is now racking right off…

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