Statement Jewellery: How To

May 19 2016 by Beverly

I LOVE rocking a piece of statement jewellery, pretty often it’s rings and earrings for me while Nic prefers a statement necklace or a killer pair of heels. That said, we also like to mix it up and steal each others things. Sometimes without asking…#bestierules

Regardless of what it is the rules for any statement piece are pretty much the same and we get asked about them ALL THE TIME.

So we thought we’d share our TST secrets for getting it right…


Dear Bev & Nic,

I have a special occasion coming up and I want to wear oversized statement earrings, but I’m stumped as to what the rest of my outfit should be. I want to look sleek, but not to try-hard. Can you help?

Confused of Cottesloe.

We have the answer

Hey Cottesloe, we’re glad you asked…

Firstly we think you should definitely wear something with your statement earrings, although that’s another look entirely if you want to get some attention.

Anyway, we digress. The rule for any statement piece is KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid.

Say what now?!

Ok, listen up, if you’re going to rock some large jewellery you have to keep your outfit simple. See below for Bev’s recent Audi Art Ball outfit. All black with a statement gold crescent moon necklace, slicked back hair and no earrings.


Statement earrings 2

Bev at the Audi Art Ball.

We also love to wear a simple T-shirt, with statement earrings, jeans and heels. Let the jewellery do the talking and keep everything else low key.

Bev earrings

Big earrings? Then keep your neckline clear and your outfit simple.

Nic loves a bit of colour now and then. And you shouldn’t be afraid to wear colour with a statement piece; what you do need to think about is your neckline.

Keep the view unobstructed. Make sure there’s space for a statement necklace. An off the shoulder top or something equally as simple also looks great with a big ol’ pair of shoulder dusters. Think a classic blazer, spaghetti strap tops or even a simple V-neck sweater or T-shirt and you’re on track.

The same goes for hair. Keep it slicked back or in loose waves so the jewellery is the hero of your look. Swept back off your face in a sleek pony tail also does the trick.

Hope that helps.

Bev & Nic. xx

Got a question for Bev & Nic? Email us

Nic earrings

Nic isn’t afraid to mix statement pieces with colour!

Statement earrings 1

KISS. Let the jewellery do the talking.


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