What is a Feather Touch Eyebrow Tattoo?

Apr 24 2016 by Nicole

I’m always the first person to acknowledge when I need a little help. But to be fair, until the likes of Cara Delevingne and Bambi Northwood-Blyth came along, I really never thought about my eyebrows.

The Style Trust_Feather Touch Eyebrows_Cara

Cara Delevingne

The Style Trust_Feather Touch Eyebrows_Bambi

Bambi Northwood-Blyth

Sure I knew I HAD them, but never really incorporated them into my beauty regime because, well, the fact that I often refer to my eyebrows as those sparse little blonde fluffies should give you a fair idea.

My eyebrow queen Queta McGrath from Queta Brows has been giving me as much help as she can, but she recently talked me into feather touch eyebrow tattooing and I have to say..

I.    AM.    SOLD!!

I was a little scaredy-cat…

Because I’m a total clean-skin (ink-free)…

And I’m not great with anything permanent…

And because… you know… SHARPY SCRAPY THINGS.

Let me tell you now, I had no need to be afraid.

The Style Trust_Feather Touch Eyebrows_Before and after

Before and after feather touch tattoo by Queta Brows.


Things you need to know about getting YOUR eyebrows done with a feather touch tattoo:


1. The cost is $600 with Queta Brows and that includes:

  • A brow makeover one to three days prior to tattooing to ensure the best results;
  • Plus a touch-up session four weeks after your original feather touch eyebrow tattoo; and
  • Your special post session eyebrow moisturiser (more on that later).

Your tattoo should last between 1 to 2 years depending on your skin type, how it takes to the pigments and how much you follow Queta’s after-care advice.

2. Don’t have aspirin, fish oil or use eyebrow growth serum before your appointment. It can affect the results.



3. You get your eyebrows covered in some very essential numbing cream and stylish blue placky to make it all work much quicker. A must moment for avid Snapchatters and Instagrammers… for the ‘funny’ value.

The Style Trust_Feather Touch Eyebrows_Numbing Cream

Numbing cream is essential!! If not a mad opportunity for a silly face…


4. Queta will then ‘scratch in’ the ink into your brows. That’s what it feels like but it’s actually several little micro-incisions. This is done, for lack of a better word, by a snazzy looking mini stanley trimmer. Hence the numbing cream…

The Style Trust_Feather Touch Eyebrow tattoo_tools

Exhibit A: Stanley Trimmer Feather Touch Micro Blade

I had to think long and hard about the perfect analogy of what this feels like. I ended up with a cross between a scratchy rough stick and nails on a chalkboard. We all know how much I love chalk (NOT!), but it’s more the mix of the sound and the dull feel of the scratching that made me come to that idea. It doesn’t hurt that much (FYI: I’m a total wuss)… certainly for the first couple of ’rounds’ it’s a bit tender – like a scratchy pinch, mainly on the edge bits where the numbing cream is taking it’s SWEET ARSE TIME to work…

Queta will etch in your new fabulous brows with about 3-5 rounds depending on how sparse your brows are. My desert plains were done four times.

The ’rounds’ are a rotation of numbing cream, then scratching, then some ink on top to ‘absorb’ into the scratches… then we start over with the numbing cream again.

By the second round I didn’t feel any pinching at all. Welcome to the party numbing cream… we’ve drunk all the Champagne because you’re LATE.

I need to assure all my fellow wuss-bags out there that it was not painful for me. Hell, waxing my hootie is INFINITELY worse and that only lasts six weeks!!



5. It can be a bit full on at first look in a mirror. Let’s face it, Brooke Shields had years to get use to hers… But you get used to it quick and it does fade a little over the next few days, so you’ll look for reasons to show them off.

The Style Trust_Feather Touch Eyebrows_Brooke

The original eyebrow queen… 

The Style Trust_Feather Touch Eyebrows_Straight after

Straight after… #BrowQueen.

6. On the drive home your eyebrows are still a bit numb, but as that wears off it kinda feels like you’ve got really specific sunburn… on your eyebrows… That warm feeling that just lets you know your eyebrows are there.

7. Don’t plan any big events for a few days after, don’t wear make-up on the brows for at least a week (rest of face is fine) and definitely no plans for swimming for at least 10 days. This could affect how the pigment ‘takes’. You can shower though… stinky pants… just keep the shampoo and cleanser away from the brows and don’t rub them dry, just dab.

8. Use your special after care cream that Queta will give you to keep the brows ‘moist’ a few times a day for seven days. This will stop the pigment scabbing up and peeling off. Noice.

9. At around day six or seven… welcome to the itch. It’s not super itchy, but just enough that you sometimes subconsciously go in for the scratch. It’ll require your steel mind, but try not to do that.

10. Just after the itch you will notice a little bit of flaking. Like eyebrow dandruff. That’s completely normal and is the last stage of healing.

11. The colours will fade between 30-50% over the next four weeks and this is why you have a follow-up appointment to to make your brows picture perfect for the next year or so… the follow-up is like a mini-version of your first appointment and lasts for just under an hour.

12. See ya later eyebrow palette!! I’ve got perfect brows now!!


The beautiful and epically talented Queta McGrath from Queta Brows...

Find Queta at 5 Glyde Street, Mosman Park or make an appointment via text message 0488 133 444 or email quetabrows@gmail.com or through the Queta Brows Facebook Page.

You can expect $60 for a brow makeover or $600 for Feather Touch Brow Tattooing…

Her website is here for more information: www.quetabrows.com.au

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