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Apr 3 2016 by Bev & Nic

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As you all know Nic and I are mad keen on anything anti-ageing. Sure we’re in our 40s, but we don’t have to look like we are…am I right ladies?!

So when we happened upon Skincerity, we had to try it out.

You might have heard of this ‘Nightly Breathable Masque’ because it’s been around for a while. If you haven’t tried it, then seriously…do yourself a favour.

So what does it do? Skincerity reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, helps clear up acne, allergies and facial redness, and fades the appearance of scars, it’s pretty much an overnight skin MIRACLE!

Bev says:

There’s a few lil’ tips and tricks to tell you about Skincerity. The first thing is, don’t let the acetone smell put you off. As you roll it on your face you might be slightly overwhelmed (it sometimes makes my eyes water), but just relax because it’s going to do very good things for you overnight.

Make sure your face is clean before you roll it on and when you wake up…DON’T BE FRIGHTENED…it might look like your skin is peeling off…CALM DOWN it’s just the masque doing it’s thing. See below.

Skincerity before

Arghh….Skincerity before.

I also make sure that I need to wash my hair the morning after I use it, because if you roll up too far into your hairline it can stick in there all day and look like you have dandruff…ewww. I’ve also found the easiest way to remove it is to take a flannel into the shower and wash your face with that.

That said all I know is, EVERY.SINGLE.TIME after I’ve used Skincerity I get muchos compliments on my skin the next day. I even know boys that use it…yes Danny I’m talking to you.

For me, its a supplement to my usual beauty routine that I always look to when I have a special event coming up or I have a dry patch. It really works. The end.

Skincerity after

Ooohhh…Skincerity afters.

Nic says:

Rather than using it as an all-over treatment, this amazing liquid is my USE-IN-EMERGENCY product. Heck, I would love to use this all over my face and swim in it all the time because it’s AMAZING, but I find its overnight calming and healing properties too essential and I’d be horrified if I ran out.

As I’ve mentioned many, many times… I am a bit special. Although I know I’m allergic to chocolate and dairy and it will give me eczema, guess what I love to eat. See? Special.

Nic before
Nic before Skincerity…FRIGHT NIGHT!!

As an added bonus I get this pretty eczema on my face. Well done Universe, way to control a gals chocoholic aspirations.

Skincerity is infinitely better than using the cortisone creams that I have relied on for too many years because it actually encourages my skin to heal itself overnight.

Does it sting when you first roll it on?

LIKE A BITCH… But if you do the little jumpy, hand wavy dance that I do, it seems to settle down quite quickly (or maybe that’s because its dried). But Bev says it doesn’t sting her at all, so I think my allergies make my skin super sensitive.

I’ve also used it to heal up little (or freaking massive) break outs that I occasionally have… (SIDE NOTE: WHY???!! I’m forty…surely the exchange is pimples for wrinkles right?? No. It appears that it isn’t). Anyhoo, It calms down those angry red blind ones without drying out the top layer of skin so you don’t get that pretty-peeling-skin-action on day three. It’ll also heal up the ones you’ve had a go at very quickly… does that sting? See above… But does it work? Damn straight.

Nic pretty

Pretty Nic post Skincerity + our  good friend Rayne.

Although a completely benign side effect, peeling it off the next day is oodles of fun… Clearly I’m easily amused.

I panic when my supply gets low, so suffice to say there will always now be a spare bottle in my draw. Or I’ll just steal Bevs. It’s part of my beauty arsenal now.

You can purchase Skincerity from here.

**NOT SPONSORED – we found this on our own!!**

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