Summer Hair Repair: Top Tips to Fabulous Hair Condition

Mar 29 2016 by Nicole

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Queen and almighty ruler of fabulous hair… Jessica Twamley.

Summer may be waning but we here in Perth know that doesn’t mean the beach days end.

And quite frankly if we have half-a-second of a cold blustery day, we’re off to tropical climates like Bali or Mauritius to reheat our cold bones…

If you’re like us you’ve given the beach, pools and parties a fair nudge this Summer and it’s time we gave our locks some TLC.

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Nic’s new blonde do photo-bombed by the fabulous Jess..

We chatted with the Queen of blondes, big hair, braids and all things hair, Jess of Jessica Twamley Hair Artistry to get the low-down on getting our hair in luscious condition… and keeping it there.

Here are her TOP TIPS for keeping you hair bangin’:

Beach and Pool Dayz 

  • If you can, wet your hair with tap water or bottled water BEFORE you jump in the pool or beach… your hair is quite the absorbant sponge and this stops it from sucking up all the pool nasties or the salty/chlorine water drying it out.
  • Add a bit of conditioner after that water and you’ll not only have a fab slick do… you’re also totally protected.

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Braids and ponies… best beach to bar options ever!!

Colour and Condition

  • Hair serums are like face serums, they are the va-va-voom of products to improve hair condition. Just stay away from the ones with flower essences if you’re a blonde – they can turn that beautiful ash blonde a bit yellow.

Accessorise, Accessorise, Accessorise

  • Hats are sooooo in… and they do actually have a function too!! They’re fabulous at not only protecting your face from the sun, but your scalp and hair too.
  • Just have a mini can of dry shampoo on hand if you have to TAKE THE HAT OFF… nothing kills a glamour entry like hat-hair.


Hair Extensions

  • The cat’s out of the bag. If you’re blessed with only 87 strands like poor old me, hair extensions are the best way to boost it up.  But believe it or not Summer is not the best time to get them because your hair is probably already fragile and we do tend to be meaner to it in Summer with all the swimming… so really NOW is the perfect time!!
  • If your not into a long term relationship with your locks, maybe get some temporary clip-ins to boost it up for an event…

The Style Trust_Jessica Twamley_Top Tips for Healthy Summer Hair3

Three looks by Jess: 1. Midi length        2. Jadore Clip ins & the Bounce        3. Power Pony

Must-Have Prodz

  • Jess highly recommends the O&M range of products. An Australian brand, Original & Mineral products use native Australian ingredients in their formulas and as Jess says… “if it works – use it!!” and these ones certainly do.


  • Irrespective of the brand you use, you should always have these goodies in your ‘Amazing Hair Arsenal’:
    • A silk or satin slip pillowcase. Not only do these magical slips help reduce wrinkles on your face (yay!), they stop your hair from getting really tangled or roughed up. Hang on. I feel like Jess might be having more fun than me around her pillows…
    • The right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type – it pays to get the right stuff.
    • Dry shampoo. Essential to squeeze an extra day or two out of that blowdry or get a bit more texture for styling on us poor lasses with fine hair.
    • A heat protectant for when you cook your hair with hairdryers and styling tools
    • An everyday UV protectant – if the sun can age and frazzle your skin on the front of your head, imagine what it’s doing to the hair on the top??
    • A once-a-week deep conditioner. Make it a Sunday night treat-fest and scare small children with a full face mask too
    • A once-a-month in salon treatment like Olaplex. Like we said in our story on getting great skin… fabulous skin hair is one-third genetics, one-third at home products and one third professional treatments. Hair is like your skin, and just like your face, it needs extra care as you get older… even if just to hide greys and stop it getting wiry. #AgingIsFun

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Jess is the PERTH HAIR MASTER and can work with all hair types to give you a fabulous everyday do or tizz you up in her Style Bar for a big event.

Jessica Twamley Hair Artistry is located at 5 Glyde Street in Mosman Park.

To re-vamp your hair do by getting the best colourist/stylist or to create a fabulous event ready style at her StYLe Bar call or SMS: 0406 718 076

For bridal enquiries email:

Facebook: Jessica Twamley Hair Artistry

Instagram: @jessicatwamleyhairartistry

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