Long Weekend Wardrobe: The Perfect Pack

Mar 25 2016 by Nicole


Our fave long-weekend getaway. Dunsborough. Photographed by Christian Fletcher.

We love our long weekends… especially the extra looooong ones. … Hellooo Easter!!

With all those days in a row off…  I love nothing more than throwing some clothes in a carry-all and heading down south #douth for some well deserved R&R.

Now I’m not saying I’m always an expert packer… no siree…
I often pack in two extremes. I’ll either take my whole wardrobe or just one pair of knickers and a hat. It’s an interesting look.

I blame the fact that when I’m packing I have travel-amnesia. I forget that down south is often 10 degrees colder at night and that I do, in fact, wear pyjamas.

I also blame the kids. Because they seem to always have everything they need and I just throw mine together at the last minute.

So for all my women friends everywhere, I actually sat down and THOUGHT about it. Seriously thought about it. Using an actual strategy.

When packing for a long weekend. Think about how every piece will work in more than one way and can be repurposed for multiple outfits. Add pops of colour and interest with jewellery and accessories to make an outfit look different as they don’t take up much space.

And most of all… think about layering and the weather!

I’m basing this long weekend capsule on a trip Down South in March/April. Which can literally have four seasons in one day. Bikini beach weather during the day paired with chilly marshmallow cooking nights…

Happy Long Weekend!!

Friday Travel
My hubby is cursed with the hurry-ups. To this very day, he doesn’t understand how I take so long to pack. He’s also against stopping for wee breaks on the car trip down. He’ll sit in the car and watch all those caravans and trucks that he spent his hard-earned driving strategies passing…drift on by. Any-hoo, I digress… You can’t go wrong with the time-honoured travel-pairing of trendy sneakers, jeans, tee and a scarf.

The Style Trust_Long Weekend wardrobe 1

Rag and Bone Jeans $134 (on sale!); Bruug Boss Cap Tee $35; Seed Aztec Scarf $49.95; Witchery Liam Sneaker $129.95 (love the silver!); Bahru Barcelona Tote $250 (Best carry-all ever… there’s one in gold too!)


Saturday Morning Cafe
Who doesn’t love a lazy Saturday brekkie when you have nowhere important to be? We love Artezen in Dunsborough or if we have a big cook up at home, a coffee from Hot Chocolatté is a Down South institution…

The Style Trust_Long Weekend Wardrobe 2

Sarah J Curtis Panama $260M.Gemi Brezza Nude Flats $332; Dylan Kain LSC Cross-Body Bag $340AG Hailey Ex Boyfriend Shorts $250; Camilla and Marc Zoya Cami $199 (It’s our fave, we both have one – see it on us here). All paired with the Zephyr Kimono below available from Fusion Blue in Dunsborough – a bit of retail therapy* while your relaxing… #DoctorsOrders

The Style Trust_Long Weekend Wardrobe 3

Zephyr Kimono above available from Fusion Blue in Dunsborough. They have so many fabulous pieces, we guarantee you’ll come out with more than one…

*READ about our top shopping spots Down South HERE

Saturday Afternoon Beach
The perfect beach day… book, sunshine and plenty to occupy the kids. Two things that stand out for us in this edit – the Murph & Murph beach bag is the stylish work horse of beach accessories. It’s huge, has heaps of pockets, is hard wearing and above all,  stylish. Made by a couple of savvy Perth babes, these gals know what they’re doing. The second? We love a good kaftan here at TST. They go from beach to bar with ease and can be worn as a dress, a beach cover-up and a loose, flouncy tucked-in top. The ultimate ‘dress-three-ways’ and a perfect long weekend pack item…

The Style Trust_Long Weekend Wardrobe 6

Camilla Torero Short Lace Up Kaftan $499.

The Style Trust_Long Weekend Wardrobe 5

Zimmerman Pavilion Bikini $275; Metallic Steel Grey Havaianas $39.99; Murph & Murph Cove Beach Bag $275; Celine Original Glasses $410Sarah J Curtis Panama $260.

Saturday Night Bar Life
A maxi dress is the perfect long weekend essential as it flows easily from day (add a panama and some sunnies) to night (add a statement necklace… BOOM!).

The Style Trust_Long Weekend Wardrobe 4

Tigerlily Hemera Long Maxi $199.95; Little Dove Tail Feather Necklace $185; Hobbs Jayman (also available in Tan) $199.85Dylan Kain LSC Cross-Body Bag $340; Sussan Denim Jacket $119.95.

Lazy Sunday Morning
Laying about is our FAVOURITE thing to do… and there are so many fabulous Perth designers making cosy jumpers and cardis these days you are totally spoilt for choice!! One of our two faves, Littlespoon Love is having a small break, but luckily we have I Love Mr Mittens as a fabulous Perth designer too… Too cool for shorts? Swap in your jeans or some leggings, both work equally as well…

The Style Trust_Long Weekend Wardrobe 7

I Love Mr Mittens oversized kimono $525AG Hailey Ex Boyfriend Shorts $250Bruug Boss Cap Tee $35Witchery Liam Sneaker $129.95; Inspo book ‘Daring & Disruptive’ by Lisa Messenger $29.95;

Late Sunday Lunch
Sunday winery lunches.
The. Absolute. Best.
We love Aravina and Will’s Domain (great playgrounds for kids and fab food and wine to boot!) – just make sure you book as they’re totes popular!!

The Style Trust_Long Weekend Wardrobe 8

Zephyr Kimono from Fusion BlueDylan Kain LSC Cross-Body Bag $340Hobbs Jayman (also available in Tan) $199.85Tigerlily Hemera Long Maxi $199.95Celine Original Glasses $410.

Monday. Home James.
Doh… last day. We like to catch a late coffee before we hit the road back to the big bad City. Till next time…

The Style Trust_Long Weekend Wardrobe 9

Rag and Bone Jeans $134Camilla Torero Short Lace Up Kaftan $499Celine Original Glasses $410M.Gemi Brezza Nude Flats $332Bahru Barcelona Tote $250.

The Essentials
Don’t forget some of these essentials… I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to steal the hubbies t-shirt because I’ve forgotten my PJs, so I found these – my own monogrammed version!! I’ve also created a travel pack and bought mini placky bottles to put my shampoo and conditioner in, plus my fave Sodashi travel size prodz in an easy ‘grab-and-go’.

The Style Trust_Long Weekend Wardrobe 10

Sodashi Rejuvenate Travel Sized Products $226.60; Jasmin & Will Classic Monogrammed PJ’s $149.

Got a bit of space?
Bang in a straight knee-length skirt, a grey singlet, soft coloured blouse and a light cashmere jumper and you’ll have enough combo’s for around 10 new outfits…

The Style Trust_Long Weekend Wardrobe 11

J.Crew Light Cashmere Jumper $191.70J.Crew grey singlet $87.90H&M Silk Blouse $69.99; C/MEO Collective Knit Skirt $199.95.


Packing tips:

  • Pop all your shirts, dresses and creasables on dry-cleaner hangers and in the dry-cleaner plastic bags and fold in half to pop in your case. This keeps most things non-creasy. It is really true!! Plus if you have a beauty bag leakage, it’s not a clothing disaster.
  • Get travel-sized products and refill from your main products. I also keep a travel bath bag with all these smaller versions ready to go. It saves so much room and really makes packing it all up a breeze.
  • Check if the place you’re staying at has a hairdryer… it’ll save space. Or just plan on relaxed hairstyles and up-dos to really be a packing ninja.



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