Hairs to Good Health!

Mar 9 2016 by Beverly

Environmental Wellness Profiling is one good way to get in to tip top shape for 2016, but what exactly is it…?

Like most of us, I’ve started this year with a fresh respect for my health and wellness. Yep, this year my body will be a temple…not an amusement park!!

So when I heard about the ‘Environmental Cell Wellbeing Test’ my interest was piqued.

I was keen to know exactly what testing some strands of my hair could tell me and how accurate it could be in telling me where my health was at.

Turns out…quite a lot.

According to Jules Douglas co-owner of Wellness Centre 5Glyde in Mosman Park the test can give you all of the information you need to clean up your act.

“The Environmental Cell Wellbeing Test allows you to understand how your lifestyle may be positively or negatively affecting your health,” she explains.

“Your environment controls up to 98 per cent of the bodies normal day to day functions.”

Turns out our lifestyle choices, including toxins in our homes have an immense effect on our wellbeing.

The test can detect deficiencies in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, overloads in toxins, as well as exposure to radiation, chemicals, parasites, bacterial infections and food sensitivities.

All from a piece of your hair and it doesn’t hurt a bit!

TST_ hairs to health

Testing, testing…

“The science based technology reads the sine waves which resonate from your hair follicle like a microphone reads your voice,” she said.

“It has taken German environmental genetics professors and doctors 10 years to develop this S-Drive technology that attaches to the computer.

“We take four strands of hair including the follicle and place them on a device which reads the sine waves surrounding the hair.

“It then transfers the resonance information to the epigenetic indicator centre in Germany. The information is then decoded and returned back to us as a document for assessment within 15 minutes.”

TST_Jules_Hairs to Health

The delightful Jules Douglas from 5Glyde.

Its truly modern technology at its finest.

And because the results are in real time the test allows you to actually understand what lifestyle changes you need to make right now to get your health back on track.

“We’ve had so many positive responses from people having this done,” Jules added.

“From the negative effects of household toxins such as mould spores to a heavy metal toxic overload in one client who had developed early stage breast cancer.

“It can even be used by women who are trying to get pregnant to make sure their levels are optimal for pregnancy.

“The benefits of having this done are priceless.”

5Glyde is currently the only wellness clinic in WA to have the Environmental Cell Wellbeing Test technology. It costs $250 per test.

To make an appointment contact 9385 5665 or visit

This story first appeared in PRIMO Life Magazine, Summer issue

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