Six Top Tips to Amazing Eyebrows

Feb 22 2016 by Nicole

With trending hashtags such as #BrowGameStrong #BrowsOnFleek and just good ole #Brows, it’s no wonder we’re obsessed with getting the best brows we can.

DIY over-plucking and cutting is now a thing of the 90s as we seek endlessly for our own personal best #browgame. Why you ask? Because a fabulous set of well groomed and shaped arches frames your face and gives an instant polish to your look. We’re sold!

We chatted with Perth’s Brow Master, Queta McGrath from Queta Brows to let us in on her top tips and tricks for amazing brows…

The Style Trust_Queta Brows

Our #BrowPro of choice, Queta from Queta Brows. Image: Shot by Thom.

1. Call in a professional

If you’ve never had your eyebrows seen to or you just want a brow-make over, it’s always best to see a professional like Queta. Even if you only get it done once, a professional will give you the best possible shape and style for your face, age and lifestyle.

But quite frankly, why would you only get it done once? That’s kinda like saying you’ll only have one square of chocolate…

QUETA: “A brow specialist will give you the best brows for your face and can work towards fixing any mistakes that have been made with your brow shape.”

Depending on how vigorous your growth is, schedule your brow appointments around 4-5 weeks apart… unless you like being a hairy hippy.

Clearly not all of us are destined to have big beautiful brows like Cara Delevingne (and they probably wouldn’t suit all of us anyway!) but seeing someone in the know can make sure yours bring out your best features.


The epic brows of Cara Delevingne.

2. Over-plucking

Yup… been there, done that! I have a special little ‘gap’ in my right eyebrow from a particularly rigorous plucking attempt in the early 2000s.

We can all get a little overly excited when it comes to plucking our brows and Queta suggests it’s much better to err on the side of restraint when getting the tweezers out mid-appointment,

QUETA: “Less is more with plucking your eyebrows, stay away from the main line so you don’t get gaps and only target those way-out strays.”

Where were you when I needed you in 2001 Queta??


If you ever needed evidence of how ‘brows maketh the face’ check out this TST couple BEFORE the time of ‘we care about our brows’ (Note Nic’s blonde fluffies look INVISIBLE!!)

And after we found the genius that is Queta… nuff said…

Ps. Bev will love that Nic dug out this pearler… Haaaaaaaa…

The Style Trust_EyebrowsBefore1





3. What to leave the hell alone

You’ve heard the saying… “never pull out a grey hair because 10 of its friends will come to the funeral” right?

Well those grey or blonde eyebrow hairs clearly don’t have any mates because if you pull those out you might get a gap.

QUETA: “Don’t pull out grey and blonde eyebrows, stick to trimming them as it might leave a gap in your brow.”


4. Product 101

When filling in those gaps and making your eyebrows ‘pop’ a little more, use a brow powder.

QUETA: “A brow powder blends much better than pencils on your brows and gives a softer finish.”

I recommend using the Brow Zings Duo Powder from Benefit $32 and the Hourglass Brow Pen from Mecca $49


Hourglass Brow Pen from Mecca $49

*Nic: from my personal experience a brow powder is also easier to fix if you make a boo boo… which happens often when I’m trying to do my make-up while stirring the spaghetti bolognese and finding the EXACT RIGHT OCTONAUTS EPISODE…sigh.


Brow Zings Duo Powder from Benefit $32

5. Colouring in

Groucho Marx is not in style this Summer… or any Summer… #justsayin.

QUETA: “When colouring your brows, start on the outside end and work towards the middle so it’s not too heavy.”


6. Stimulating growth

Did you know those handy little eyebrow brushes actually have a function?

QUETA: “Brushing your brows regularly can stimulate growth.”

If you don’t want to get a special-fancy-pancy eyebrow brush, just use an el-cheapo toothbrush… same-same!!


Find Queta at 5 Glyde Street, Mosman Park or make an appointment via text message 0488 133 444 or email or through the Queta Brows Facebook Page.

You can expect $60 for a brow makeover and $600 for Feather-touch tattooing…

Stay tuned as Nic will be trialling the feather-touch in the next couple of weeks!!

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