TST Beauty Review: Lash Lift

Feb 2 2016 by Beverly

Fact: all women want long lustrous lashes, but not all of us are a) born with them, b) have the skills to apply fake ones or c) the time for eyelash extensions.

So, when I read about Lash Lifts, I thought it sounded like the perfect solution.

What’s a Lash Lift you ask? Well, just as the name suggests, it’s a lift or a perm…for your eyelashes.

Don’t let the word perm scare you. I’m not talking about some scary hairdo from the 80s and 90s here. Urgh, I still shudder at the memories.

What happens during a Lash Lift is this; a very skilled beauty therapist, in my case the lovely Suzey Luong from Vanity Box Beauty Ateliers puts some collagen eye pads under your eyes to plump and soothe them as you lie down and take a well-earned hour out of your day.

Suzey Vanity Box

The gorgeous and talented Suzey.

While the eye pads are working their magic your lashes are coated with very fine silicon moulds and then after that a perming solution is applied to literally lift them up and make you look like you have a brand new set of peepers!

It’s all done in about 45 minutes. And it doesn’t hurt a bit.

“It’s a really quick and easy way to get gorgeous lashes,” Suzey says.

“The Lash Lift lasts for six to eight weeks and its been a really popular treatment at the salon because a lot of people don’t have time to maintain eyelash extensions.

“It works so well because we’re giving your lashes a lift that’s direct from the root, creating a lengthening and opening effect on the eyes.”


Bev lash lift

Bev: Before and afters…


The day after the treatment you’re not allowed to wear mascara so the lift can really settle in and I must admit I feel like I’m missing something because I usually apply tonnes of the stuff.

But the day after that when you do wear mascara again…WOWSERS, your eyes quite literally steal the show.

I love anything that highlights my baby blues, and I’ll be recommending this treatment to anyone who’ll listen. To my mind it’s $118 very well spent.

If you want to try it for yourself contact Suzey at Vanity Box Beauty Ateliers on 6468 6471 or visit www.vanitybox.net.au to make an appointment.


This article first appeared in PRIMO Life Magazine November edition published by Premium Publishers. For the full issue click here.

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