Making Time for Beauty

Jan 10 2016 by Beverly

The Style Trust_5Glyde_Plasma Facial_Making Time for BeautyRemember when you used to be able to eat whatever you wanted and still look bangin’…?

Or when you used to be able to go out and drink your own bodyweight in Champagne on a Friday, dance all night and then back it up again on Saturday?

What about when you didn’t see your osteopath more than your best friend…?

Yep…hello getting older!

Truth be told when you’re our age, you HAVE to make time for beauty…

Like all women, we love to be told “your skin looks AMAZING!”, “What you CAN’T be 40…?” who doesn’t like to hear such things? That’s right, no-one. But making the time for it, well that’s a whole other thing!

Before Christmas was a crazy time for both of us, with work commitments, family things and Christmas catch-ups there wasn’t much time for anything else. But we made the time to go and have some Anti-Ageing Plasma Facials at 5Glyde.

5Glyde_The Style Trust Nic Plasma Facial 1

Because the fact is, having great skin doesn’t just happen by accident. We think it’s one third genetics, one third home care and one third treatments.

To us, the Plasma Facial is awesome for a few reasons; it encourages collagen production, it hydrates your skin, it reduces the visibility of wrinkles, scars and stretch marks and it also clears up eczema and other skin conditions you might have. So far #winning.

The Style Trust_5Glyde_Plasma Facial_Making Time for Beauty 3

And another great thing about this facial, you get to relax and destress for a whole hour while the girls at 5Glyde completely pamper you.

The simple formula for beauty is this; when you feel good, you look good and that’s why you should absolutely make time for beauty. Because folks, that’s really what it takes to get great skin.

Bev and Nic.xx

If you need to make time for beauty with the 5Glyde girls call them for an appointment on (08) 9385 5665 or

Or for more information, check out their website here:

The Style Trust_5Glyde_Plasma Facial_Making Time for Beauty 4

Fresh faced and fancy free!!

(with plenty of help…)

Photo: Ryan Ammon Photographer

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