When Bev & Nic went to Mauritius…

Oct 8 2015 by Bev & Nic

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Let us tell you a little bit about Mauritius…it’s like this, you know that feeling you get when you exhale after holding your breath for a really long time? That sense of peace and clarity that you get when you actually slow down? Yep, that’s Mauritius in a nut sea shell.

Bev’s #lifegoals have always been; 1. Live on island, 2. Learn how to wink – so when the lovely people from Sun Resorts Hotels Group said to us “come, play on our island, we shall pamper you!” We couldn’t say “YES PLEASE WHEN?!!” fast enough. And Bev figured they could probs also help her with life goal number two…

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Bestie time away is the best time…

Isn’t it funny how things always happen at the exact right time in your life? I know, trust the timing right? Well…Mauritius landed in our lucky little laps right after a ridiculously busy work time for both of us; so perfect timing!

We were guests at Longbeach on the East Coast of the island. And I mean LOOK AT THIS PLACE. We would literally wake up every morning and say, “Yep, just another day in Paradise…”





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Bev wearing one shoulder Steph Audino from Sana Boutique.

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And it’s only eight hours direct flight from Perth with Air Mauritius, and six hours home. It’s practically on our doorstep, so close, who knew?!

Yep, it was a tough life on the island;  take some photos, eat, take some photos, drink, take some photos, lay by the pool and read a magazine, take some photos, visit another island, take some photos, have dinner. You get the drill, we did a lot of relaxing and it was just what the Dr Ordered; apart from the fact that our jeans may have been a bit snug at the end because we basically #ateMauritius and Bev is a skilled #buffetninja (What?! They totally want you to take all the food…)



Nic wearing all Base by Ben.

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We jokingly called it our ‘Bestie Moon’ and our friends at Ambre Resort got on board with that by setting us up the honeymoon table for dinner (thanks Ankush!) but no joke, spending 10 days with your bestie, all alone without kids and husbands and distractions is just good for the soul.

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So happy…our special tropical ‘Bestie Moon’ dinner.

We actually got to finish conversations…whole conversations, just the two of us, about life and love, hopes and dreams, what’s to come, what’s working, what’s not, what makes us happy, what the next year might look like, our blog baby, how far we’ve come, what we’ve learnt…all the REAL things. And I know we’ll both cherish that time together for months to come. It filled up our bestie love tank with something irreplaceable… time.

We’ve come back rested, relaxed and re-focussed with a brand new vision of how we want our lives to be (and about three extra kilograms…bummer).

Here’s why we think you’ll love Mauritius

1. Island time – if you don’t love that, we can no longer be friends. The end.

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Bev wearing Zephyr dress.

2. You’re surrounded by great food and people, Mauritian’s are super friendly, love a good laugh and can’t do enough for you.

3. It’s a short eight hour flight away.

4. The resorts are world class AMAZE, look at Longbeach!

5. There’s sunshine in Winter time  (August averages about 25 degrees) and plenty of water sports (minus the sharkies) if you can leave the buffet alone.

6. There’s plenty to do;  shopping, markets, golf, meditation at the Riambel Vortex of Energy…if you want it or you can simply be rancho relaxo at the resorto.

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The cool…and very busy… local markets.

7. Every resort has a beautiful spa (Longbeach is no exception).

8. Cocktails. We worked out the exchange rate in Bellinis. True story. Champagne currency is our favourite kind and we still use it; “That’s two Bellini’s babe!”


Our Mauritian currency… the Bellini. 

9. Mauritius is so tropi-cool that it’s national animal is the Dodo. The Dodo!!

The Style Trust_Mauritius_ Dodos

Yo-yo! It’s a Dodo!

In fact the only thing we think some of you might not like about the East Coast of the island is the wind. Nic has serious wind issues (in more ways than one, he he!) but if that’s an issue for you check out Sugar Beach on the West coast instead.

Thank you SO MUCH to Longbeach and Sun Resorts for having us, we LOVED every  single minute!

Bev & Nic




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