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Sep 13 2015 by Beverly

You’ll feel AMAZING they said, you’ll have your best ever body they said, you’ll find a new husband they said (okay, Nic said that one)…

I’m down for anything that gives me my best ever body, especially since I’M 40 NOW and I have to work SO much harder at keeping my rig tidy these days.

The Style Trust_ Hypoxi Cottesloe_Bev3

Hook me up Yas!

So, for the past six weeks, I’ve been having Hypoxi sessions three times a week. What’s Hypoxi you ask? Well, it’s 30 minutes in what I like to call a ‘suction suit’ that looks very much like something a Pearl Diver might get around in minus the mask, and when you’re in it it sucks all of the air out and then feels like bubble wrap popping all around you.

The Style Trust_ Hypoxi Cottesloe_Bev4

The HDC…a.k.a. the ‘suction suit’.

Bev in the HDC… or ‘Ancient Diver Chic’ as Nic likes to call it!

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It’s actually called the HypoxiDermology or HDC Suit and the theory behind it is that it improves circulation around your thighs, mid section and bottom. It’s great for water retention, improves skin texture and reduces cellulite.

No matter what it’s called, I find it super relaxing. Anyone who knows me well knows how hard I find it to sit still (total ants in my pants!!) but I have no choice in the suction suit, I’m literally stuck in it’s prison for 20 minutes and it’s almost like meditating. Sometimes I play on my phone, but mostly I just close my eyes and prepare for the day ahead.

Then after 20 minutes in the suction suit, it’s onto the bike. You have to pop into a pretty little neoprene skirt for this bit, and then you’re sitting in an airtight machine for 30 minutes, merrily pedalling away while you read a magazine, watch TV or play on your phone…it seems like it shouldn’t do anything, and I must admit when I first started my inner monologue went a bit like this “Pfft, this will do NOTHING…” “SERIOUSLY lady you will fall for ANYTHING!”


The cute neoprene skirt… Totes fashion statement.


Nic tried the S120 or the ‘sitting upright’ bike riding option.

Nic on the S120 working on her holiday rig…

(follow us on Snapchat for all our unscripted shenanigans… username: thestyletrust)

The idea behind the bike (or the L250 Trainer) is that you exercise in an airtight chamber. While you cycle the low atmospheric pressure artificially stimulates the blood supply to the fat tissue round the hips, bum and thighs.

The Style Trust_ Hypoxi Cottesloe_Bev1

Bev tried the L250 trainer or the ‘lay-down’ bike riding option. #HardAtIt

But, guess what? Hypoxi works…for me, I’ve lost a few kgs and a whole lot of cms off all the girly wobbly bits (thighs, bum, tummy). So far Nic hasn’t lost as much as me, but she also may not have  been paying attention when one VERY important bit of information was passed on; when you do a Hypoxi session you CAN NOT drink wine that day. This is no surprise to me, she once totally missed me making out with a boy at a bar because she was on Instagram!!

You’re also not allowed to have carbs on the days that you do a Hypoxi either, and really there’s no point committing to it, if you’re not going to follow the rules. I say if you’re going to do it, go all in. For my part I’ve enjoyed the clean eating and the staying off the booze.

The other awesome part of Hypoxi is what it does to your skin…cellulite be GONE! I’ve never had loads of the stuff, just the obligatory hail damage that all of us girls are blessed with (yeah, cheers God), but I can definitely see a difference in my skin tone, especially on my legs.

So, will I keep going? Probably. Has it encouraged me to live a healthier lifestyle anyway? Absolutely.

My only real concern about Hypoxi is the amount of time it takes out of my week, it’s really an hour and-a-half per session and to get the most out of it you need to go three times a week. But if you have a special event coming up, need to get kini ready fast or just want to shift those stubborn last few kilos before Summer then I say give it a crack. There are also Basic Packages available which only require a 35 minute commitment, three times a week if you’re time poor.

There’s really only one way to see if it works for you, go and see the delightful Yasmine at Hypoxi Cottesloe and try it out.

You can find Hypoxi Studio Cottesloe at 7/11 Station Street, Cottesloe. Call (08) 9286 2196 FOR YOUR FREE TRIAL and give it a go!!

The Style Trust_ Hypoxi Cottesloe_Yas1

The super lovely Yasmine from Hypoxi Cottesloe .

The Style Trust_ Hypoxi Cottesloe_Bev2

What? I am SO working out…

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