Choo Choos Turns Two

Jul 30 2015 by Beverly


It was a week of birthdays last week, The Style Trust turned two and so did our good friends at Choo Choos.

If you’ve never been to Choo Choos, WHAT?? WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! It’s only the best bar in town, owned by some of the loveliest fellas we know; Mike, Dave and Ty.


Happy birthday Ty, Dave & Mike.

To be honest Choo Choos is more than a bar, if you’re a regular there, you’re more like part of the family. Hugs and drinks are always plentiful and it’s truly the only bar in Perth we’d walk into solo and feel completely comfortable doing it.

We’ve long been fans of the kind of crazy cool that Choos Choos constantly delivers, in fact, Bev even had her 40th birthday party there.

Last Wednesday we knew we were in for a top night because these boys don’t mind a party…


Cheers Patty!


What Bev wore: Topshop off the shoulder top, Peter Lang earrings and bubbles….obviously!

Like all good girls we never bar and tell, but lets just say that some items of bartender clothing may have been missing towards the end of the evening.

As for the rest, what happens at Choo Choos…stays at Choo Choos.


 One of the fam…the delightful Kev.


Don’t mind if we do…thanks Brett!


What happens at Choo Choos….


Happy birthday boys and cheers to many more!

Bev & Nic. xx

All of these amazing images thanks to Shot by Thom.

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