Getting Big Event Ready…

Jun 5 2015 by Nicole

Getting Big Event Ready

I don’t know if you’re anything like us, but if you are, you probably have a master plan to look AH-mazing before big events.

We don’t think it’s too much to ask… glowy-dewy skin, perky bottom, flat tummy and a hairless, toned and tight rig.

HOWEVER… if you ARE anything like us, you have your oh shit moment about a week out and start reorganising your life to fit in any pre-event fabulousness you need.

Lucky for you, we are letting our proverbial kitty-cats out of the bag and you in on some of our major cheats so you’ve totally got this…



I am constantly bitching about the fact that I still get break outs and I’m 40. I think that’s incredibly unfair and when it’s paired with dull crepey skin, I totally want a genetic refund.

Luckily we have a skin angel… Caroline Compton from Immerse Face & Body at The Mezz in Mt Hawthorn. Caroline has put us on a “Fabulous Skin Fast” programme so Bev and I can have all-year-round skin amazingness… but her (and now OUR) top tips to looking fresh and dewy on your big night is simple, squeeze in at least three Skin Remodelling System treatments with a dose of  LED Light Therapy and you’ll be plump, smooth and break out free for your big event. It ensures make up application is a breeze and it makes your eyes clear and sparkly for added va va voom… It’s true!! Try it and see.

Photo 18-05-2015 8 35 50 am


Awwwww…. our faces love the SRS and LED.


The Skin Remodelling System feels like a soft tingly facial… more info, click HERE.


The warm, delicious, SUPER BRIGHT, LED Light Therapy. And yes… sometimes I snore.



I love to get my make-up and hair done for a big event. But it’s almost always an impossible venture. With organising the babysitter, dinner for the kids blah blah blah… something’s gotta give.

I generally do my own hair by letting it dry naturally with lots of sea salt spray in there and finish it off with my fabulous GHD. I recently got my hands on this pack which is AH-MAZING at only $269… It’s a good thing because now I don’t steal Bev’s (she doesn’t need it anyway, natural curls…pfft!). And I can totes can do my hair in about 20 minutes.

GWP Max kit open

If you can’t get someone like our talented buddy Cara to do your make-up, a couple of tips we picked up are:

– Always use a primer because you need a great base for make up to ‘hold onto’;

– Buy great products that suit you;

– Listen to the experts. We don’t get our make-up done often, but when we do, we’re total question-ators. What did you do there? How do I do contouring? What are the best colours for me? How do I get my lipstick to stay put? What brand is this lip stain? What mascara stays on the longest? SO MANY QUESTIONS!!



I have recently been told that wheat and dairy are not my friends. I kinda always knew that. But chocolate and pasta have convincing arguments, so ignorance was a blissful place. What I did notice was when I cut those bad boys out, even for a few days, my ‘is-she-pregnant-or-just-bloated?’ belly slipped back into its rightful place. #winning

And boring as it sounds avoid alcohol as much as you can, it does make you bloated. Sorry.



I have big ambitions of being a daily gym bunny. This includes having a Miranda Kerr like physique. I have tried the Couch to 5k app with varied success (I haven’t been able to get past the six week mark… because… you know… life gets in the way… and I’m lazy, so I have to keep starting over). I’ve accepted the fact that I will always pick a long lunch with fabulous friends over a hard work out at the gym and quite frankly with a job, two young kids and a blog my excuses are endless.

Swimsuit season

So in lieu of the tight and toned rig my friends, buy some spanxs. And lots of them.

Life’s too short. Moving on…



Finding this mystical creature makes my brain hurt… and often hurts my Visa too. If I counted how many times I panic-bought a dress, for a million dollars, that I only wore once… well… I’d probably cry. Which is why I love Phoebe from The Library Dress so much. With an endless choice of amazing outfits that you can loan and return… YES… JUST LIKE A LIBRARY BOOK! I’m sold. Plus she takes care of all the boring stuff like dry cleaning too.

Never be seen in the same dress twice ever again. I feel like a Kardashian already.

Library Dress

All these three are available from The Library Dress… two are one off original designs by Phoebe herself!


One of my very smart friends recently imparted this long held supermodel secret. If you’re wearing killer heels out, don’t  let them literally kill you. She swears by having a couple of Neurofen before she goes out with another back-up in her bag if its a long night. No sore feel or Bambi walk. I’ve tried it. It works. You’re welcome.



When Bev and I lived together this was our mantra. We used to be able to go out with reckless abandon two or three times a week, roll in with a kebab (that you may or may not wake up next to…), pass morning joggers on our way home and sneak in a lazy afternoon Sunday Session as well – with no major consequences.

Now? Not so much.

As I recounted in my highly informative ‘Nic is 40… The Good, The Bad and The Ugly‘ article, going out these days is a logistical match of snakes and ladders, and requires much, much preparation for you to NOT DIE  for a whole week afterwards…

This includes:

– Take probiotics, Vitamin B, Zinc and Magnesium the day of planned booze-fest;

– Have a DECENT meal before you go out (yes, I hear my Mum here too);

– Drink coconut water before you go out. I hate the taste, so I stick it in a green juice;

– Have a disco nap if you plan to dance past 10pm;

– Pre-cook a decent meal for tomorrow. Because you ain’t cooking nothin’ the next day… and HJ’s is only fab for the first five minutes. My go-to is spaghetti bolognese;

– Have in your fridge a good supply of Gatorade, Dry Giner Ale and lemonade icy poles.

Drunk and hungover you will want to give you a great big hug. But you won’t want them to because they’ve just watched 12 episodes of Gossip Girl on the sofa in their pyjamas and still haven’t had a shower…ewww.


Getting ready for a big event is almost always half the fun.

You get to play dress ups, it’s perfect excuse for facials and you get Champagne like a reward at the end of it, so really, what’s not to love?!


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