Polo in the Valley: What to Wear?

Apr 9 2015 by Bev & Nic

Polo in the Valley is fast approaching, giddy up…it’s one of our fave events of the season, but we always have ladies (and gents) asking us what to wear.

So to make things simple we’ve put together a list of polo fashion dos and don’ts, plus a little bit of what we’re coveting too.

Hat or fascinators?

We say hats all the way. There’s something very race wear about fascinators and they just don’t seem to fit at the polo. Sure. we know there’s horsies at both events, but the polo is the one chance you get to wear a fabulous wide brimmed hat and sip champagne in the sunshine, so why not embrace that look wholeheartedly?


St Savior extra wide brim

Go for an extra wide brimmed hat like this one from Kate + Abel.

 Wedges, heels or flats?

We would recommend a comfy wedge or flats. If you wear heels, you’ll come unstuck when you’re trying to stomp the divets, which is a fun part of the day you don’t want to miss out on. Heels will just slow you down, so for once ladies, choose what’s most comfortable. We know, call the Fashion Police!!



To show or not to show?

That is indeed the question. We think if you’re going strapless as we both did last year then make it a maxi dress or a jumpsuit so you’re a little bit undercover. If you’re wearing some kind of midriff top, then make sure it has sleeves or wear it with high waisted pants or a skirt.  And if you’re wearing a short skirt, then cover up with a stylish silk blouse or something with sleeves up top. The same fashion rules apply at the polo as they do to the rest of your life ladies…if in doubt, don’t.

Me and Rayne

 The crop top rule, perfectly illustrated by our good friend Rayne Embley at Polo in the Valley 2014.

Suits you Sir

Should the boys wear a suit? Look, apart from your work life, there’s too few chances to get proper dressed up these days we say, so gents if you’re feeling like you want to be sartorially splendid then we salute you. Pants and a sharp shirt work too. Don’t worry if you think it’ll be too hot for the full caboodle… we love the dapper upper half mixed with a stylish cuffed short. Still suited glam with some lower half air conditioning.

Handsome man

 Wherever this guy is…that’s where we’re going!! 


Keeping it cool and stylish. Love this look. Image: yourensemble.com


Why yes sir you should. Dapper accessories for men are having a moment right now, so by all means add a pocket square, a fabulous tie or a killer shirt and sock combo. Just remember sometimes less is more, even with bloke’s fashion. We can’t go past a Pocket Rockit ourselves on a handsome man #justsayin.

Pocket Rockit

 The simple Pocket Rockit #winning.

And ladies as far as accessories go. Keep it simple, don’t add too much jewellery; think simple, sleek and sophisticated and you’ll be on to a winner!

 On Nic’s wishlist

We all know there are a few hard-core fashion loves in my arsenal. A white button shirt, white blazers, anything hattage from Kate & Abel and anything NAVY. So I think I’ll be hitting all of those notes for the Polo and maybe even going a little risqué with some stylish shorts.

As for a bag, there is often a reason you see plenty of photos of other people at the polo and a few of me – I’m normally the one toting the camera. So for me I’ll be taking the super-handy cross over bag from Bahru in this seasons hottest flavour – NAVY. Carries all my goodies and keeps my hands free to drink champagne take photos.


The perfect polo outfit. Totally inspired by this fabulous look by Kim from Eat Sleep Wear. Image: eatsleepwear.com


The stunning cross-over Florence by Bahru in my favourite colour naaaaaaaaaavy.


On Bev’s wishlist

I love me a jumpsuit all day long and I also love a slight 70s vibe…being a child of the 70s and all that. So I’m coveting this fabulous Bec & Bridge playsuit that ticks all of my boxes. I’d wear it with gold flats. I also love the boho-ness of this half moon shaped bag from Bahru. So very cool.

The rest of my look would be super simple, and feature an extra wide brimmed black St Savoirs hat (see above) from our friends at Kate + Abel.

Done. Winner winner chicken dinner!


Nyx jumsuit


This Bec & Bridge NYX jumpsuit from SANA Boutique with a Bahru half moon Bermuda gold clutch and wide brimmed Kate + Abel hat. LOVE!


Bahru clutch

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