Skin Remodelling. It’s a Thing.

Oct 30 2014 by Nicole


The horror!!!

Many of you know that both Bev and I are rapidly approaching a significant birthday. Mostly we’re excited.
It means:
•A big party with people we love;
•We’ve learnt how to say no (mostly);
•We sweat the small stuff a little less; and
•We won’t be sucked into buying culottes this time round. Put them down. They look good on like, four people… worldwide.

There is one thing that this age thing brings that I do not welcome… face slippage.

It happens almost stealthily, overnight.
One morning you wake up and you’re like… hang on.
Suddenly down-lights are not your friend (are they anyones??).
You become very aware of how to hold your face in photos.
And you never… I repeat, never… look at yourself in a mirror while bending down to put on a shoe.

Bev thinks I’m deluded. But lets be honest ladies, we all notice the first signs of LOSS OF ELASTICITY, no matter how small.

I’m throwing down the gauntlet. I will be giving it everything I have, not only to avoid my own future-chicken-neck (DEAR GOD!) – but hopefully for the benefit of anyone else out there who can see it slowly slipping away.

Recently the fabulous Caroline from Immerse Face & Body in Mt Hawthorn gave me the opportunity to try their new Skin Remodelling System (SRS).



Said to promote tighter and smoother skin (yay!) through the stimulation of new collagen in the deeper layers, it replaces aged and sun damaged collagen and tightens muslces leaving your face plumper and smoother.

First, Caroline takes freaky pictures of you with her Reveal skin imaging system to show you sun damage and dryness in your skin. You can see below the problems I have, with eczema on my lips (damn allergies) and my love of tanning in my 20s… naughty, naughty Nicsy.

This is also super handy because I plan to have another ‘horror’ image taken of myself after a few more treatments to see the progress I’ve made.




This is a scary, scary, reality. Sun damage that I can’t see yet. 


This one shows the hypervascularity:  In my case caused by sun damage, eczema (lips and eyes), breakouts (forehead) and skin thinning. Sexy times.

Then you get to lay back and have a relaxing facial; a gel is applied to your skin and then the SRS is moved around your face.

On paper, it says the SRS produces waves of energy that gently vibrate and heat the collagen fibres. On me, it felt like someone moving a warm apple over my face, very comfy and massage-like.
Except around my mouth and neck, where the small micro-currents felt like I had popping candy in my mouth! A funny feeling, but not uncomfortable.
Similarly with my neck, it felt a bit jumpy, like when you get a twitchy eye. It was hard not to laugh.


Not my best angle… ah well, these are the things I do.

I definitely noticed the difference after only ONE treatment, and other people have been asking what I’ve done with my skin too, so it’s not just me. The words glowing and radiant have been used!



The obligatory before and after selfie, both make-up free (eeeeek!) and one day apart. Ok. I put some mascara on in the after… But you can definitely see an evening in skin tone, my dryness and redness had lessened, darkness under my eyes has reduced and my lip eczema has GONE! 

Shot by Artist Liaison (

This is me four days after the treatment at Telstra Perth Fashion Festival. I know you want to say glowing and radiant… you can, I kinda love it.

I’ll be going back for the recommended six to 12 treatments. I’ll look 20 again!

A Skin Remodeling System treatment costs $150 per session, but Immerse Face & Body will be offering all TST peeps a special of 50% off your first treatment.
At only $75 clams, why wouldn’t you give it a go?!

Plus if you buy in bulk, you can get a special of $600 for six treatments or $990 for 12.
If you do happen to look at your face in the mirror while bending down… trust me, you’ll want 12.

Check out Immerse Face and Body online HERE or pop into their spa in The Mezz Shopping Centre, 29/148 Scarborough Beach Road, Mount Hawthorn.

You can also book your treatment in by phoning 9201 1838. I’ll see you there!



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