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Oct 21 2014 by Nicole


Nic and Bev, toting their Bahru Paris… $250.

You may have noticed a few little fabulosities appearing in the TST Shop this week. Gorgeous leather bags and accessories from Bahru. It looks tricky to say, but just pretend you’re a sheepish kangaroo – BAAAA ROOO.

We’re so in love with Bahru’s new collection, that not only are we ‘toting’ around a couple of them ourselves, we also wanted to make sure you could get your hands on them (Nic is all over the silver Paris and Bev is permanently attached to the gold Florence – we’re such magpies!!), so make sure you visit the TST Shop to bag yourself one!

Now let us introduce to you Bahru, and it’s talented creator, Fliss Brophy.

TST: Tell us how Bahru came to be? And the name, where did it come from?
FB: Bahru began when I was living in Singapore in 2007 and I couldn’t find any gorgeous leather bags. Everything was either cheap and nasty PVC or Chanel! So I found some beautiful leather and designed a few pieces to show to friends and Bahru grew from there.

Bahru was a word I saw and heard everywhere when we first moved to Singapore and I loved the sound of it. I found out later is means ‘new’.

TST: Where do you get your inspiration for designing?
FB: The starting point for every Bahru piece is beautiful leather. Next comes functionality – what sort of bag would I need for every day/night out/girls lunch and what elements would make that work? I like to have all the right zips, clips, straps and compartments so that the design looks great AND works well for the occasion.

TST: All the bag names seem to take after FABULOUS holiday destinations… which one is your favourite?
FB: Hmmmm so hard to choose! There might be planning in the pipeline for a Bahru Marrakesh.

TST: What beauty products could you NOT live without?
FB: Lucas’ Papaw for lips and kids and Moroccanoil for my big hair!

TST: I know it’s probably like picking a favourite child, but do you have a favourite piece?
FB: This changes frequently. Today its Florence in Nutmeg for easy everyday wear, Berlin in gold which I use as a wallet and a Double Wrap Cuff in nude. Whoops, that’s three…

TST: What would we find kicking around in your Bahru bag everyday?
FB: QV Lip balm, Berlin in Gold for money, cards and a MAC lippy, notes from the school which never seem to make it onto the fridge door, iPhone 5, a water bottle and an array of loom bands!

Photo 17-10-2014 1 28 03 pm Photo 17-10-2014 1 28 30 pm

The super handy Berlin (in gold) used as a wallet – genius! Only $89 clams.


Decisions decisions…

TST: What’s your favourite thing to do? You can say have wine with us at the Cottesloe Beach Club, it won’t be weird. Promise…

FB: Have a picnic on the beach with my family and new pup Mozzie.

TST: See… not weird at all. Winky face.

TST: Ok, so what’s your go-to out with the girl’s look?
FB: Always denim jeans, a silk tank, a great necklace, a smallish wedge (I’m a bit of a giraffe), a Bahru clutch and cuff.

TST: What should we be getting excited about next at Bahru?
FB: A fantastic tote and the most amazing blue.


Don’t forget to head to the TST Shop to bag a new Bahru… they’re totes ah-maze. Ah, I’m so punny.

We have limited stock so don’t dilly dally!

Shot by Artist Liaison (

The Florence $150, comes in Silver…

 bahru-florence-tan-L bahru-florence-black

And Tan and Black… (Image: Bahru)

Shot by Artist Liaison (

Looky everything that would fit in this bad boy… and stripes. We’re suckers for stripes. Paris $250.

Shot by Artist Liaison (

Oh, and Mr Paris can be a cross-over too – whaaaaaaat?!

Shot by Artist Liaison ( Shot by Artist Liaison (

Or maybe you’re not a magpie? Black or Avocado perhaps? Paris $250.

Photo 17-10-2014 1 24 01 pm Photo 17-10-2014 1 27 24 pm Photo 17-10-2014 1 26 01 pm

Maybe some accessories? The Bahru Double Wrap Cuff $40 and Stud Cuff $55.

photo_3 photo_4

Colourzzzzzz! (Image: Bahru)

All images (unless otherwise stated) by the fabulous Jun Kendrick of Artist Liaison. Find his Instagram here: @artistliaison.

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