Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Mar 16 2014 by Beverly


Magic happens when you get a group of women in a room together, give them champagne and let them try on exquisite jewels.


New friends are made and much shrieking occurs – especially when they find out there’s also a candy cart.

We were lucky enough to be a part of such an event last week when we attended the Solid Gold Diamonds Bo & Luca launch in the city.

SolidGold_headpiece  SolidGold_JewelsYellow

Solid Gold is a name synonymous with quality diamonds and their new showroom in Hay Street Mall doesn’t disappoint. It’s “experience” shopping at it’s best. You take the escalator up and a stylish showroom welcomes you to a sparkly wonderland.


Models Gabi Sullivan and Amy Raats with designers Shannon Pittman and Erin Williams.

But the night wasn’t just to showcase Solid Gold’s collection, it was also a creative pairing between the diamond retailer and Queensland based bridal Designer Shannon Pittman of Bo & Luca whose beautiful Bohemian wedding dresses matched perfectly with the sparkling diamonds and the elegant Moroccan vibe created by Zest Styling.


For us, it was the perfect evening – babes, bubbles and bling. Just like the diamonds it shone very brightly indeed.



Stylish ladies: Bobbi & Candice, Clare, Jess & Rayne, Georgette & Jenn.

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