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Mar 13 2014 by Beverly

My friend Rosemary Gallagher is an angel. No really, she is.

I first met Rosie when I worked at a private jet company in London, she was the receptionist and another Aussie, she was warm, lovely and everyone who worked there loved her.

Rosie bubblesRosie: our kind of gal!

Aside from the fact that she’s lovely, Rosie also has a special gift. As long as I’ve known her she has always read Angel cards. If you were having a bad day, had a question about a boy or just wanted some advice on something, you’d go hang around Rosie’s desk for a while and she’d say, “pull a card darl” – when you did, the cards and Rosie’s sage advice were always uncannily accurate.

So I wasn’t very surprised when I saw Rosie again last November and she told me she’d left  work to focus on being an “angel intuitive” full time and that she’d just been on UK television show Made in Chelsea to read for the girls. Of course she had. Here’s the clip;

She’s also written and self published a great book called; “I Followed My Heart – A Story of Fate, Love & Friendship” – which will resonate strongly with any girl who’s looking for love.

Rosie book

Rosie’s fabulous book.

Nic and I are big believers in fate, serendipity and being guided along the right path, so I had a reading done recently and it was spot on. Scarily so.

And because I was lucky and got to spend some one-on-one time with Rosie, I also asked her a bunch of questions about her journey so far.

TST: How did your journey in to Angel & Tarot reading begin? Did you know from a young age that you had a gift?

RG: I never thought I had a gift, I just knew that I was very protected. I often felt like there was someone watching over for me and I just assumed it was my guardian angel as grown up a catholic there was always talk of angels.

At the age of 40 I moved from Melbourne to London and one of my going away presents was a pack of tarot cards. When I asked my friend where the instruction book was, she told me ‘it was my job to find out how to read them’.  So a couple of years later I did a tarot course at the psychic college in London.  My teacher said I was a natural!

 TST: What was the ‘sign’ for you that you should do it full time?

RG: I remember a year before losing my job I received a message from my angels telling me that this would be my last office job.  I heard this message a few times over the year and when I was made redundant (which I’d been praying for) I was given a nice pay off and I decided that this was the sign I needed.

 TST: Tell us how the Made in Chelsea appearance came about?

RG: Out of the blue I received a call from the program researcher asking if I would be interested in appearing on the show to do tarot readings for a few of the girls.  Of course I said YES! Opportunities like these don’t come around too often.   She came across me on the internet and I believe it was my angels at work.

TST: Does everyone have a guardian angel? What about those who don’t believe?

Everybody has one special guardian angel, however there are times when we have many other angels around us who will help us if we are going through a difficult time, or if they feel you need extra support.  Angels will never interfere in your life so you do need to invite them in.  They are always there to help you should you be in danger, however they can only really help you on a daily basis if you invite them into your life.

For the non believers – their guardian angel is still with them and the fact they don’t believe doesn’t make one bit of difference.  But one day they will more than likely experience something that will make them believe!

TST: And the book? Tell us about “I Listened to My Heart”

My passion for writing only began a couple of years ago, and to be honest I had never written anything in my life. However, that changed the day my path crossed with the man I believe to be my twin soul mate. This encounter changed my life – for the better I must say.  My spiritual journey escalated; and after a few years of emotional turmoil I tapped into a creative talent that I didn’t know I had. I needed to find an outlet to express my feelings; unfortunately they were unrequited. My sister was the one who suggested that I should write down my feelings, as it might help me. I wasn’t very good at writing but then I thought… why not, no-one will see it. With the help of an editor I ended up writing my story and I discovered I did have a talent…a creative one.

Now for the good news. Want Rosie to read your cards? Well, she can, you via the magic of Skype. Just email her at to find out more.

You can also buy Rosie’s book on Amazon.


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