Times Square Claremont: Sitting Pretty

Oct 17 2013 by Beverly


You’ve got to love a fashion launch with a lolly buffet, right?

We certainly did. The Times Square Claremont fashion launch held on Tuesday night in Times Square’s Laneway and the Lemongrass Thai Restaurant, had all the right elements – delicious White Lady cocktails from Cocktail Gastronomy, pretty new season’s fashions on the runway, a great DJ and lots of Perth’s famous fashion faces; we spotted Betty Tran, Ange Lange, Jonte Pike, Jomay Cao and Alvin Fernandez to name just a few.


And after we finally tore ourselves away from the bar/lolly buffet, the runway show didn’t dissapoint – Betty Tran’s sparkle-tastic numbers were the first cab off the rank, with flirty little mini skirts and crop tops the order of the day, making us wish we were 25 again…almost.


Next up was Leona Edmiston with her signature floaty and feminine summer dresses, followed by Jomay Cao which featured more directional pieces.


After that Sana Boutique, Lost Souls and Luire showed us pieces from their current in-store collections.

Poppy Lissiman Addition inspired us with bold prints and textures and Jonte showed some on-trend monocrome fabulosity. The show finished with some outstanding evening wear from Zhivago, Aelkemi Inc and Betty Tran.


We now have several new things on our summer wishlists. Looks like the emergency Secret Squirrel credit card might be getting a work-out this weekend. Stop judging us, we know you have one.

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Joy Miduku from The Perthian and Shreeja Rajan; Doris Brinkhaus from Brinkhaus Jewellers and Kardina Borkovic


Emman Bergmeier-Varian of Dropstitch and Kate Smithers from Channel 7


CK Truscott and Vanessa Marie; Designer Jomay Cao and Caris Jalla


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