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Aug 25 2013 by Nicole


Celebrity Exercise Chic

As you’ve all no doubt figured out by now, I’m an incredibly stylish, always put-together gal.

Baaaaaaaa, haaaaaa haaaaaaa!

In all seriousness, I love to get dressed up, but I’m not going to lie to you, with two small boys my day-to-day attire often includes dishevelled hair and undies with one butt-lacky gone. Sad but true.

That’s why I like to rock a quick and easy style. A style I like to call ‘exercise chic‘. No, I’m not on my way to the gym, nor have I been there – exercise chic is literally my modern day easy-wear. I’m happy to work this look all day too, with no gym or actual exercise plans involved. I’ll hit the grocery aisle, the park and even pick up a Friday night frock in this garb. It’s soo comfy, easy and tres’-sports-chic.

The best thing?  I. AM. NOT. ALONE.

In fact, I think I’m in the majority… certainly in my neighbourhood. I’ve done mini-polls with my group of friends and it’s about a 50/50 split between those who are actually going to exercise, and us other folk who just enjoy the casual stretchy comfyness and butt-sucking-in action of the new age exercise gear.


The Supers in their exercise chic. Like my mini-poll, I think only half of them are actually going to exercise.

What’s more, I think the active wear world is listening. I love that we’ve moved on from the purple g-string leotard, to more multi-functional ranges that take care of the hard core sporties and us fraudsters too. We can get lots of black or pops of colour, proper running sneakers or sneakers with a little heel. They exist, I’ve seen them.

I’ve read articles where women make fun of this trend. Suggesting we should take the extra five seconds to pop on a pair of jeans. Ok, sure, you try getting an extra five seconds to do anything with two children and no nanny. I support all sports wearing women who are planning to exercise, who’d like to think they’re going to exercise, and those who manage to simply get out of the house. Sporty-clad ladies, real or not, welcome to your new style category – Exercise Chic.


Clockwise from top left:  Lululemon Contempo Jacket II $149, American Apparel Tank $30, Running Bare Full Length Must Have Tights $79.99 and Nike Womens Free 5.0+ sneakers $159.95


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