Laneway Lounge Loveliness

Aug 15 2013 by Beverly

Laneway1                                                                 Cool, on tap.

You want cool? Well at Perth’s newest bar, The Laneway Lounge, they got cool – on tap.

Last night The Laneway threw open its doors to welcome the hip, the hot and the thirsty and I was lucky enough to be among them.

Bought to you by the owners of Potato Head in Bali, the bar is a homage to traditional New Orleans style jazz clubs and aims to have performances every night of the week.

Samantha J

The gorgeous Samantha Jade.

And as if the amazing food and cocktails (Champagne and Absinthe Fairy Floss or Popcorn Cuba Libres anyone?) last night weren’t enough, the crowd was also treated to an impromptu performance from X Factor star Samantha Jade.

Sultry and sophisticated The Laneway Lounge is the perfect new city venue – perfect for cocktails with the girls, perfect for a date, perfect for some late night jazz and a whisky on the rocks if you’re not quite ready for home.

Whatever your pleasure, whatever the weather, go and check it out…before everyone else does.

cocktail girlCandlesCocktail guy

Get sophisticated at The Laneway Lounge.


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