Fly and Arrive Fabulous: 10 Secrets from a Qantas Flight Attendant

Aug 2 2013 by Nicole

qantas pic

Qantas’ spunky new Flight Attendant uniforms. Ooh La La.

I’m about to take a trip to escape winter and get me some much needed sunshine.  But to do that, I have to get on a plane.  And unfortunately when I fly it looks like I drank too much booze with Keith Richards and a rabid possum in the luggage hull. True story.

Almost every celebrity I’ve seen papped,  flies and arrives fabulous– breezing effortlessly off the plane refreshed and photo ready. But let’s be fair. They’re in first class with two nannies, a stylist and maybe a cabana boy.

So I pondered, who does the hard yards on a plane and still needs to look fabulous on arrival? Enter Bobbie.

BobbieFlying fabulous anyone?

Chic and stylish, this Perth based Qantas Flight Attendant has a truckload of tips and tricks and I twisted her arm to share them with us:

1. Drink lots of water during the flight and sip on peppermint or green tea.  Flights can be very dehydrating and peppermint tea helps calm tummies too.

2. Keep alcohol to a minimum – just have a few in the first hours and rehydrate after.

When Bobbie told me this tip I laughed so hard champagne came out of my nose. You know the booze is free right? Right? Okay, moving on…

3. Try and keep eating to a minimum, bring you own trail mix and choose salad options  on board, you’ll get off feeling much less bloated and tired.

4. Wear minimal makeup so when you touch up before touching down it will just refresh your look.

5. Use a facial mist to keep your face fresh and hydrated – Kora Organics Balancing Rose Mist is Bobbie’s favourite.

KoraBalancingRoseMistKora Organics available from David Jones

6. Use a thick lip balm to combat the dry lips – Carmex  is a fave.

CarmexCarmex available from selected Coles stores

7. Walk around every couple of hours if you aren’t sleeping, to keep the blood flowing.

8. Bring your own pashmina, eye mask, earplugs and small pillow for comfort.

jcrewrefinedsilkcashmerewrapJ Crew Refined Silk Cashmere Wrap $75

9. Always take a pair of leggings and socks. Being comfortable can make your flying and arriving experience so much more relaxing.

Leggings and socks

Helmut Lang Jersey Leggings $313 and Explorer Socks $8.40 (The warmest socks. E.V.E.R)

10. Try and wear crease free clothing so you don’t feel (and look) feral when you arrive.

Naturally I also sussed out some celebrity goss. Bobbie’s best in flight celebrity moment was Miranda Kerr returning from a David Jones catalogue shoot in Broome. She was friendly, sipped on peppermint tea the whole flight (top tip!) and was not afraid to make herself and son Flynn comfy by using up all the pillows in Business Class.

Hopefully Bobbie’s tips will ensure I arrive fresh and fabulous. Except maybe I’ll have a couple of bubblies. Water of course. Yeah, right.


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