Pippa and her Pretty Ladies

Jul 21 2013 by Beverly

Pippa and lady

Pippa with Holly Rose in The Bath

Got plans for Sunday? No? You do now. The Style Trust’s favourite fashion illustrator Pippa McManus is holding a one day only exhibition at 140 William in Perth city. We spoke to Pip about her Sleeping Beauties.

TST: Pippa McManus, we heart you, tell us about this exhibition, why did you call it Sleeping Beauties?

PM: I started collecting images on my Pinterest board that I wanted to draw, because I’m obsessed with it. They all ended up being really sweet images of girls almost sleeping, reclining or relaxing. It might have been something to do with my state-of-mind at the time, I was having some much needed down time. So I compiled a whole bunch of images, and there was a bit of a theme, which became Sleeping Beauties.

TST: How long does it take to create one of your pretty ladies?

PM: It can be anywhere from one day,  where I can spend up to 12 hours creating one and forget to eat and sleep, and then sometimes it’s a longer process, but the longest is about four days. I never want to over work them.

Pippa Nicole

Nicole in 3D Floral

TST: Who is your favourite model and why?

PM: It has to be Kate Moss, she was my inspiration to get into fashion when she was huge in the 90s. I started buying fashion magazines when she was at the height of her fame. And I love watching her mature – she’s still an amazing inspiration to me. But then there’s always a new girl too, at the moment for me that’s New Zealand model Holly Rose.

TST: Where can we find you after this exhibition and what’s next?

PM: I’ll be working out of my new studio, I’m going to do six months worth of commissions and try and plan my wedding in-between. I also have a show in Sydney in April to coincide with Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia.

Sleeping Beauties is open today at 140 William from 10am to 4pm (you’ll find it just behind Jamie’s Italian). Take a bus, train or plane, but whatever you do, don’t miss it.

Pippa can be contacted at: workablefixative@hotmail.com.au for commissions.


Marcelina in Mustard


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