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Jul 19 2013 by Beverly


C’mon, lets not pretend like you and your girlfriends have never played the Sex and the City game, you know the one – which SATC girl are you?

Everyone wants to be Carrie, with her fabulous shoe collection and penchant for pulling off kinda whacky fashion. Some of you want to be Samantha, she’s super fabulous, sleeps with who ever she wants and rarely gets her heart broken. Charlotte is also a good choice, an Upper East Side princess who always believed she would find her Prince Charming.
But no one ever wants to be Miranda.

Carrie wardrobe quote
Regardless of which SATC girl you are, girlfriends were out in force in Perth yesterday at the Business Chicks Lunch with Candace Bushnell at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre.

I was very lucky to attend with three of my besties (I’m Carrie btw) and we heard first-hand how Bushnell created the characters for the novel that led to the SATC empire.
And the woman herself did not disappoint.

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Her first pearl or wisdom? “It’s all about the shoes…but it’s not just about the shoes.”

And as she talked about being Carrie Bradshaw (a pseudonym she dreamt up so her parents wouldn’t read her New York Observer sex column) – I realised that no matter what your age or postcode, when it comes down to it, we’re all the same.

“I do believe if you do the homework, the hard work and the soul searching that you’re meant to do in your 20s and if you’re willing to be unsure and uncomfortable sometimes – you reap the benefits of those difficult times later on,” she said.

Amen to that sister!

“Sex and the City was all about the friendships and the struggles that those women had and the idea that we grew up with – finding Prince Charming, or in Carrie’s case, Mr Big. It’s about the realities of life,” she added.
“And…it’s a little bit about the shoes.”

I’m truly inspired by the way a simple idea for a novel turned in to something so huge – and can’t wait to go home and watch the entire series, plus the two movies again with a brand new point of view.

In my book, it doesn’t matter which SATC girl you are anyway, it was a pleasure and a privilege to meet the real Carrie Bradshaw.

Cosmopolitan anyone?


Did we meet our style idol? Absof**kinglutely.


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