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Jul 17 2013 by Beverly


Cott for lunch?

Ever been in that mood when everything you walk by is a picture just waiting to be snapped? I was, the other day in fact and it made me realise how many cool things there are to see in the city, and just how stunning Cottesloe Beach in winter really is.

I have to agree with the late songbird Peter Allen on this one – no matter, how far or how wide I roam, I still call Australia home.

Anyway here’s a few city snaps I took recently. Enjoy.

Perth St

Cool street, cool city.

Love Drunk

Drunk love or love drunk? Either is good.


Our favourite word.

Open for Ideas

 Yes, yes we are.

Someone smiles

Okay, we will. @ Camilla, Station Street Cottesloe.

Food and booze

You can get it all on William Street, Perth City.

Red dress.

Lets go dancing and drink cocktails.

TST house rules

The Style Trust house rules – come on in, if you have bubbles.


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