Leather Jacket Obsessed

Jul 17 2013 by Nicole


Listen up ladies, if you haven’t invested in leather yet – now is the time.
One leather jacket is an awesome essential to ANYONE’S wardrobe. It slips easy from day time-casual to night time chic. Two gives you some variety. Three is company…I have six.

My name is Nicole and I’m a leather jacket addict.


Some of my favourites.

And what’s more I’m not finished yet. Not by a long-shot.

I’m not sure if it’s that beautiful leather smell or that they never go out of style, it might also be that  I’m a bit of a grot and I can wipe stuff straight off them. Wipe and wear my friend – always a factor when you have children!

I love that the trusty leather jacket can instantly add an edge to your style, from rocker to sophisticate to everything in between.


You can’t get me out of this one.

From a purely practical standpoint, they are warm, long wearing and with the help of some dark sunnies (Ray-Ban face anyone?), you can look totally AH-mazing with zero effort.

*Style tip for the long-bodied lasses out there like me – crop leather jackets (crop anything jacket), tricks the eyes and lifts your waist. Making your legs look like they go way into next week.

Because I clearly don’t have enough, I’m totally coveting a pastel blue one. I’ve already thought of 50 places I’ll wear it…including to pick up tomatoes from IGA. I will totes rock that grocery aisle. 100 per-cent.


Soho Fitted Leather Jacket AU$309, Sword Leather Biker Jacket AU$687 Ralph Lauren Washed Lambskin Cicuit Biker Jacket AU$3,593

Photos of Nic by Marcus Whisson.


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